🤪 Stir Crazy Antidote #17 - It's Jay's Virtual Pub Quiz ❓

Mrs Bletch and I have been doing this as part of our Thursday night routine.

Clap for Carers then Jay’s Virtual Pub Quiz.

Good fun and not too taxing.

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A family favourite - booze required . Buggers up Friday mornings mind.

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Yeah, was going to bump this thread tomorrow. Jay’s shit at presenting but great at putting a quiz together.

I’d like to see a few Sotonians join in and share their results. Perhaps a league table?

Welcome @BewilderedSaint, BTW!

We’ve been doing this too. Forum league sounds good.

Thursday 30th April

Join in at 8:15 after you’ve given some nurses the clap!


# Entrant points
1 @Waylander 47
2 @Fatso 44
3 @Morris-Chutney_Lawye 40
4 @CB-Saint 39
4 @Saint-CD (AND FAMILY) 39
6 @Fowllyd 37
7 @saintbletch 34
8 @BTripz 33

Right, in week 6 the Bletch household scored 34 out of 50.

Threw away 4 or 5 marks with careless mistakes.

As it’s only likely to be me and the wife in the league, do I claim top spot and occupy the relegation places too?


Did I win?

40 this week.

Yeah, welcome back to the site @Morris-Chutney_Lawye.


You’ve trampled on my dreams. I’m in the relegation zone now.

League table to follow - if I can be bothered.

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No, but by asking the question you’ve unwittingly entered the league and are in bottom place on zero points.

I’m second now.

I’m going to have to give this one a go, if I can persuade my ever-loving wife and her daughters to take part. Though more than likely it’ll just be the two of us. Or quite possibly just me.

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I’ll see if I can muster the Dixons for the replay tonight. Just checked and the link in Bletch’s mail is the recording. Still works. Got 3 out of 3 without even knowing the answers. Hoping for 50 out of 50 once mi bring in reinforcements. Will post later. SCD


Trying to do this on my own and it is torturous, he is so painfully slow…

Good thing is I can pause it and go and make a cuppa…

We’ve got a family sit down planned for 7.30pm. I should be a few Ghost Ships to the good by then. Who knows what will happen.


Section 3, questions 5 is Buckminsterfullerene.

22 out of 30 for the first 3 rounds, doing it on my tod…

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33 in the end, some of the 50/50s in that last round went the wrong way…

Fucking loser.

Thirty. Cough. Four.

He is pretty painful to listen to.