🤪 Stir Crazy Antidote #14 - Count the Squares

Easy one for you chaps and chapesses…how many squares in the image


several, I win


More than several…sorry

42 … it’s the answer to everything :mask::+1:

49 Just spotted a few sneaky fuckers…

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Nope and Nope

you sure… there are at least 49 but can’t see any more…

NO pulling a fast one and suggesting now its only isolated/complete squares taht count or some malarky… you have been warned

I’m sure I’m sure that you are wrong in your counting…

Nope 49. I can not be wrong on having too many, only too few… I thought 45 at first but were are 4 more sneaky fuckers


I stopped counting at 38.

So I’m going for the nerds favourite, 42.

Edit, I see Saint CD has already pipped me to that one. Forget I spoke :smirk:

Dude, there at least 49 :blush:

I think BTRIPz thinks I have too many :joy:

But I can’t see 51 as Tigger does, she may be right… but I am stuck on 49

You dont sound too convinced there :joy:

46 …

At least 49!!! :joy:

Tripz needs to get his finger out and sort this mess!

I’m bored of counting and just random number generating. BBB hasn’t got a clue now many there are …

Typical man, ask a question then bugger off

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1 x big huge encompassing square
16 x small blue squares
9 x blue square made up of 4 smaller blue squares
4 x blue squares made up of 9 smaller blue squares

3 x coloured squares made up of 4 smaller squares

12 smaller squares inside thise

4 addition smaller squares with 2 blue and 2 colours sides

= 49

What have I missed BT you nob

Is the answer Little Feat?