🤪 Stir Crazy Antidote #12 - Drinks you can no longer drink 🤮

What events in your youth have put you off a drink?

So, we’ve all got one - a drink that we can’t go near again.

It seemed like a good idea at the time but now every time you see it, smell it or even read the name, something deep in your stomach leaps and a voice in your head says “Don’t you fucking dare…”

What is it?

What happened to put you off it?

[Fortunately, I’d already documented this episode on here. So here goes…]

Southern Comfort and peppermint.

18th birthday was spent on a pub crawl in Gosport dodging the matelots and my sister.

Went out wearing nice new jacket and ended the night being placed in a bin in the park very drunk*.

Was sick on jacket so “mates” eventually tipped me over and forced me to walk around like a tortoise with the bin for my shell.

Finally puked everywhere and “mates” helped me out of the bin and got home to find a KFC tub of BBQ beans had been poured into my inside pocket.

The words Southern Comfort, alone, bring back this experience so vividly that to even consider adding peppermint to the mix makes me almost gag.

*Cue predictions for how little I’d drunk.


Has always been Gin & Tonic.
Cant recall ever going full barf, but just the smell makes me gag.
Maybe it is Tonic alone as I never had a problem necking Long Island Iced Teas or the ubiquitous Bullfrogs in the sandpit, both included Gin in their toxic mix.
But in reality.
Drink of my yoof cant drink anymore?
Then it has to be

Watneys Party 7…


How old are you?

I remember many an Xmas when my Dad had loads of tins of Party Seven for when the rellos and friends came round.

I must have been 4 or 5.

We were posh though as we had a Sparklets beer tap.

If your jackets are anything like your shirts how could anyone know?


Gin, 2pm on a sunny day in Greece, final day of season. Memory blackout around 6pm. Apparently helped back to bed by 7pm. Complaints of lewd behaviours bordering on sexual harassment are relayed to me the next day. Never touched gin since.


Vodka and lime. Got absolutely slaughtered on it when i was about 18, was ill for a couple of days afterwards, never vomited like it since. Just the thought of it makes me feel ill all these years later.

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Tea it is just revolting and has no alcohol in it.

Why drink it at least coffee wakes you up after a night on the sauce.

There is no bad alcohol
Some is better than others.

Nothing… used to be Gin after being stupid a teenage party and swigging it neat only to redecorate the 'host’s stair carpet…at 14 I had not the skill… I did not touch Gin again for 35 years until last summer trying a “The Botanist”" with a slice of blood orange, loads of ice a fever tree… was so delicious and refreshing :wink:

Scotch…after the world worst hangover*
Serious binge drinking session involving Double Scotch with Bitter chasers. To this day even the merest whiff of Scotch leaves in immediate danger of reviewing my lunch.

*See Guinness Book of Records.


Vodka and gin have always made me barf even if I only have a tiny taste. However I seldom drink anything alcoholic, being the daughter of an alcoholic tends to put you off


Oh wow, had forgotten Vodka & Lime, Rum & Black & Port & Lemon.

Pretty sure none of those would get past a gag reflex these days

Pints of strongbow with rum and black chasers
Makes for one hell of a technicolour yawn on the girlfriends parents kitchen floor

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Thunderbird for me. Remember that? Was staying in a fancy beach hut Mudeford way many years ago with my bird and another couple. The fella was a mate and spiked my drink, the cunt. Got wasted on the stuff and ended up naked, on all fours, chucking up on the front deck of this beach hut, around 9pm. My GF thrw me my boxer shorts and i just wiped my mouth with them, clearing away some spew.

Needless to say the relationship didn’t last, or the friendship. Pair of wankers!

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I spent 4 years of my young adult life at Loughborough University. University colours were purple, University standard drink was Purple Nasty … Snakebite with Pernod and Black tipped in the top. OMG - and yes it does make you very pissed and yes, it is the same colour when it comes out (of both ends …) :nauseated_face: :poop: :face_vomiting:


I’m Sorry. I don’t understand this thread.

Is it a spoof?

Skinny white sailor, the chances were slender
The beauties were brief
Shall I mourn your decline with some Thunderbird wine
And a black handkerchief?

One of my favourite Dury lyrics, and he wrote some corkers.


Spoiler alert this isn’t about what you can’t drink

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Send me a ticket & hotel voucher
I’ll solve that for you


You can’t drink for everyone @Polski_Filip :roll_eyes::wink: