Steven Gerrard retiring

One of my favourite non Southampton players ever. Loyal to Liverpool for many years, when he could have gone and won titles with other clubs.

He used to drive the Liverpool team on during European nights, when they were struggling. Used to pick them up and score stunning goals, just when it was required, Cup final against West Ham and I have lost count of the number of times he did the same in European games. An excellent box to box player, for club and country.

A great English midfielder, who I have missed playing in the premier league, but happy he has retired and not joined a lesser club.

I am sure we will see him coaching and even managing in the future, as I feel he has a lot to offer to the game.

OK, great player and great servant but why is the fact hs is retiring national news. Personally I couldn’t give a F.

What worries me more is that he was apparently a shoe in for the MK Dons job last week, despite the fact that he’d never coached in his life. What about giving unknow people a chance??

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Hmmmm - some would argue that he played for a bigger club, won 9 major trophies and captained his country in major tournaments? Matty was all over the national news when he retired… here is just 2 of many news articles, at a time when the media were not all over EVERYTHING!

I thought he had retired.

Mind you, that equaliser against West Ham was something else!

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Yeah but I didn’t have twitter then, all I’ve seen on my twitter feed today is stories about him retiring…

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That is media these days. Fart and it makes the Sun!

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