Steve Wood memories

Growing up one of my favourite Saints players was Steve Wood. One of the better signings of the Branfoot era he, along with Ken Monkou, was one of those reliable stalwarts of an unspectacular team. Fair enough he was not a player of particular finesse, and he didn’t have the grace of, say, a Richard Hall but he was reliable. He was there for our only trip to Wembley of the 90s and played his small part in keeping us up back in the early days of the Premier League.

Anyway, these days by all accounts he’s a bit of a shithouse.


I think there are two lessons to be learned here.

The first comes from the modern world, taught by Barry Sanchez of the UI, formerly attached to SaintsWeb. He taught us all, and me in particular, that holding your cards close to your chest can be a very effective strategy for long term and lasting victory. This is not what occurred here:-!-The-Pap-tribute-thread&p=2187164#post2187164

The second comes from the ancient world, and relates to finding a suitable spot to pick your battles. Hannibal annihilated the Romans at Cannae by picking a spot where they couldn’t escape from his eventual and underplayed encirclement. Modern generals still have wet dreams about it. He picked his battleground, at least in that instance, with great care and attention.

If (and this is a big hypothetical if) one of his scouts told him that the foes had an insuperable advantage that was evidently deletorius to his chances, he may have changed his plans and schemes to accommodate the new intelligence. If they’d have told him that he’d be renamed “Complete Bollocks Fry”, I suspect he may have turned those elephants around and headed back across the Alps. Especially if he’d told the entire Roman speaking world about his secret victory plans.

Lovely to see you here, sir. As I said in PM, would enjoy having you about. However, in the aftermath of Saints’ victory, power has gone to my head. The cost of doing business is logging in at least once as “Complete Bollocks Fry” :slight_smile: You can change your username thereafter :slight_smile:


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Steve Wood.

Would he?

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Would he fuck.