Steam Summer Sale

Starts tonight at 6pm. I only really play Football Manager and Total War. I used to prefer age of empires as can’t be bothered to get into anything too complicated. Any tips for games I should look out for in the sale?

Have you tried talking to girls or having friends?

They’re not the names of computer games, just healthy hobbies.

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Says a regular poster on a backwater internet forum to a slightly less regular user. You are hardly the fucking Fonz.


Man you just put me in the Pap/Barry/Bletch category.

Fucking harsh. :slight_frown:


Go tell all those girls and friends you have… online obviously. :wink:




Harsh @tokyo-saint , very harsh

but fair :lou_smiley:

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Don’t think I’ve ever known @rallyboy to be lost for words…

I now understand why I read crap on the internet…

It’s moments like this.


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Wasn’t Fonzie the oddly-dressed middle-aged loner who liked to hang out with teenagers?

Milwaukee’s answer to Gary Glitter - I don’t want to be in his gang, his gang, his gang.

So, your 1st few weeks on Sotonians hasn’t been a complete waste then?

Who the fuck needs bear? While Ant is in rehab, Pap is running the games workshop tent in Greenfields, Dec and Rally will run this shit. Making the internet worthwhile since 2012.


Back on topic, i’m considering buying Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor as it was Game of the Year about 18 months ago and it’s 3.19gbp, but i’m not sure it’s going to run properly on my laptop. Quick check on the Playstation Store to see if I can get a comparable deal on there - 49.99gbp. Fucking ridiculous.

See 2nd post in thread


Just ribbing @supermikey my son keeps banging on about what he’s going to buy on Steam -

He does have friends though, even girls. Not implying you don’t…I’ll shut up now before I dig a bigger hole for myself…

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