Star Wars VIII : The Last Jedi

The new Star Wars film has a title.

The Last Jedi.

Looking forward to it, but not super-excited just yet. They need to move this shit on, end the cookie cutting and give us some new stories and cool things to look at.

While I thought the RedLetterMedia review of Rogue One was a bit harsh, one thing I do agree on is that I’m a bit sick of X-Wings and all that. I want to see this innovate.

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This year I will be attempting something very difficult, by trying to avoid any trailers or reports or interviews. I imagine the odds of me acheiving this are similar to that of successfully navigating an asteroid field.

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Never tell me the odds, gavstar.

Ah shit, that makes me c3po in this little scenario doesn’t it? Fuck :lou_facepalm_2:

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I have not read any spoilers, but I do have a theory on what will happen, in part based on the title.

Abrams is using the original movies as his guidebook. Force Awakens had very similar beats to A New Hope, and a very similar structure. New Hope sets up the universe and involves a major sacrifice. Empire is all about discovering shocking truths. ROTJ is all about resolution.

So we’re in for shocking revelations, and the film is called The Last Jedi. Well, Luke could die, I suppose. Or he might not be a jedi anymore. My theory is that he’s gone dark side, is Snoke, and has been corrupting Kylo Ren all along. The island residency would be all about concealment and tuning into the wider force.

Either Rey or Kylo will end up being the Last Jedi.

This doesn’t interest me – can we lock this thread too please?


Finn is the Jedi.

Billy What’shis name was his Daddy.

You mark my beers


Unfortunately you need to be a language Nerd to have realised it. It seems to be a long story covered in things like the Torygraph, but a Disney Shareholders Meeting Tweetd something in French and suddenly everyone realised that Jedi is a word that is the same in the singular form as it is in the plural form.

So, this is NOT about the las Jedi - a person.

It is a film about LOTS of Last Jedi(s)


Maybe the stuff below will help -

But first another classic rumour.

The opening line of the new movie is Serious faced Luke saying - “Who the Hell are You?”

It wasn’t until the foreign translations were released on Friday that a key fact was revealed: the Jedi in the title is plural.

#StarWars: #LesDerniersJedi, décembre 2017 au cinéma,” Star WarsFrance tweeted.

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#StarWars : #LesDerniersJedi, décembre 2017 au cinéma.

12:11 PM - 17 Feb 2017



It wasn’t Le Dernier Jedi or La Derniere Jedi - which would not only have revealed there was just one Jedi but also what their gender was.

Instead, even Star Wars fans with a rudimentary grasp of the French language could discern that “Les Derniers” meant Luke Skywalker is not the last Jedi.

Spanish, Italian and German translations followed and, like French, all languages revealed the same.

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#StarWars: #LosÚltimosJedi, 15 de Diciembre en cines.

1:08 PM - 17 Feb 2017



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Gli Ultimi Jedi, dicembre 2017 al cinema.

2:17 PM - 17 Feb 2017



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#StarWars: #DieLetztenJedi kommt im Dezember 2017 in unsere Kinos.

3:14 PM - 17 Feb 2017



Predictably, social media lit up with the revelation - with many thanking celebrating the languages.

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Jedi is plural!! Yay for Germans!!! …

7:02 AM - 18 Feb 2017



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Thank you Spanish… we now know that #jedi is plural.#LosUltimosJedi …

6:59 AM - 18 Feb 2017 · Omaha, NE



“NOT A DRILL I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL! “THE LAST JEDI” IS PLURAL,” screamed one excited Twitter user.

Another said: “I’m so relieved that Jedi is plural in the episode VIII title. Makes me slightly less worried for Luke.”

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Star Wars:The Last Jedi is confirmed the be plural Jedi, not singular. So like the hype is reallll

7:27 PM - 17 Feb 2017



Daisy Ridley’s Rey has already revealed she has some skills when it comes to The Force, so had Jedi been singular, things weren’t looking good for Mark Hamill’s Luke - especially after Kylo Ren had put his friend Han Solo (Harrison Ford) to the light saber in The Force Awakens.

But the question remains, how many more are there?


Need a teaser trailer so bad…

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Doesn’t seem fair on the “Letzten Jedi”. What did he do to deserve that?

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Is this one about the time the Death Star broke down? I do love a good Death Star movie…

So the first trailer came out yesterday and I haven’t watched it yet. This is an acheivement in itself. Making it to December without seeing it is a different matter.

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Mark Hamill not happy with whatever arc Luke is taking.

I reckon my theory could be a go-er.

Likewise, after reading Rian Johnson’s script for The Last Jedi, Hamill said, “I at one point had to say to Rian, ‘I pretty much fundamentally disagree with every choice you’ve made for this character. Now, having said that, I have gotten it off my chest, and my job now is to take what you’ve created and do my best to realize your vision.’”

6 weeks since the trailer came out and I still haven’t seen it. I wish I had the same willpower when it came to beer, chips, gambling, porn and chips. Sadly though I think the only way I can truly avoid any trailers is to not go to the cinema for the next 6 months, and I can’t see that happening.

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Countdown begins


Looks… :lou_lol:

I have been fapping all morning after watching that…

Glad to have been of service