Stadium of Light

Well I am driving across to my first away game of the season on Saturday and was wondering if any of you lot know of the best places to park.

It seems that the ground is in one of these areas where businesses will be offering parking? I have a 3 year old with me, so do not want to park to far away and do not want to get on a rammed park and ride bus.

Also for anyone else travelling to the game, I see major road works have started in October 2015 and there will be major disruption on approach to the ground.

If anyone has any tips about this away trip, then I am all ears.

You might be out of luck on that front. The stadium’s in the middle of an industrial area out of town but we’re talking more factories than business parks. We had to park in the centre and walk.

The Football Ground Guide says:

You can park at the Stadium of Light Metro Station (cost £4) or alternatively, you can park in the city centre and walk to the ground (about 10-15 minutes). The traffic for a couple of miles around the ground was solid when I went so allow plenty of time for your journey.

There is also a ‘Park & Ride’ scheme in operation on matchdays, free for both home and away supporters. This is situated at Sunderland Enterprise Park, which is well signposted just off the A1231. Buses run every five minutes, for 90 minutes before kick off and continue after the game until everyone has gone.

So there’s your options, really.


Think the town centre it is then!

Anyone else on here going?

Also if anyone goes next season, also f they manage to stay up. Just park at the metro car park next to the big Tesco. £1 all day and a 5 minute walk.