St Etienne v Saints

On the off chance you can bear to watch

Here’s a Youtube link (not English commentary)

Errrrrrm perhaps not…just go to Youtube

HT 0:0

Gabiadini had a couple of good chances towards the end of the half.

Better than last week…just.

Looks like a pre season game being played in the tropics.I add …there number 7 reminds me of Victor Wanyama

things can only get better…and they will…hopefully :astonished:

May I add…there no. 7 reminds me of Victor Wanyama :astonished:

It’s starting to feel like Rickie Lambert was the last player to score for us…

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0 - 1

Manolo Gabbiadini


0 - 2

James Ward-Prowse


0 - 3

Maya Yoshida


The young reserve goalkeeper…Taylor…looks a prospect :astonished:

a niil 3 win to Saints

When was the last time we scored 3 goals in one game ?



made me smile even if factually incorrect :lou_wink_2:

not that we didn’t score 3 at wemberlee, just that we have scored 3 in a game since…


JWP is the man.

Came on 60th min

Gabbiadini scores 64th min

JWP scores 66th min

JWP assist 86th min

All hail JWP.


They didn’t get a look in Baz, it was…

Admittedly though this would have worked better if we’d only won 1-0 :lou_facepalm_2:

Alright own up, who broke the thread? :blush:

Good band All Saints or shall I say they have created their own distinct sound which is an act in itself.

Well done @gavstar :lou_facepalm_2:

Hail JWP Barry, not some shit girl band(distinct sound? Fuck off.)

You more than anyone owe him that.

They do, done some good songs as well, can’t say I’ve ever bought an album but black coffee, beach and this are good tunes to listen to. Anyway does this dwarf fall over after about 20 second. I have wondered this for years

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