Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka


Another holiday. We were planning to go to Thailand but then those pesky bombs went off and so once again we aren’t going. The flights were also quite pricey.

So as an alternative we are thinking of Sri Lanka and the flights are reasonable although the accommodation seems to be in two camps really cheap and not particuarly comfy or super pricey.

Anyone been, any recommendations?


I’ve not been to Sri Lanka, but the chaps who run the shop are all Sri Lankan.

There is a chap that works there that looks like a Sri Lankan Luis Suarez. Bit of a ladies man. Chats all the local girls up. Appropriate daggers are administered when I’m in there with my daughters.

The rest of them are totally cool and courteous. To their eternal credit, I think they’re starting to realise that the Sri Lankan Luis Suarez is a bit of a liability.

They also sell weed grinders, but don’t ever buy one from the Sri Lankan Luis Suarez. He will exclaim things like “ganja” loudly and in the company of other customers.

I realise this is fuck all help for your trip to Sri Lanka, but on the plus side, at least he doesn’t bite.


Went in March for two weeks, loved it. The country has two monsoon seasons so in the early part of the year it’s in the north and east and in the latter part it’s in the south. Prices are not as cheap as Thailand, but still relatively cheap compared to Europe. Great beaches, and lots of wildlife to see, e.g. whales, turtles, elephants, etc. Tea plantations in the hill country are also pretty cool.


we or rather the ayatollah has benn looking at Sri Lanka for next year. We are looking to rent a villa with friends. Serious value to be had. Nice house with staff and tuk tuk, for less that a grand a week, which when being split a couple of ways starts to become crazy cheap for what you get



Nurawa Alleziya or something like that - long trip through the Tea Plantations to Surrey, all Mock Tudor so weird it has to be seen and the drive is stunning.

Kandy to see the Buddha’s Tooth and the Temple thingy place.

Galle for the surfing & the Fort and if you plan on going near Columbo stay at Mount Lavinia there is a hotel at the little railway station - real old school Beach Resort & you can hop in and out of the Metropolis by train.

Recommend checking with your Doctor about Malaria Meds and certqainly pack one of those Electric Mossie killer thingys and proper DEET not the Tesco’s Own Brand Insect Repellant.

Coconut Arrack - has to be tried - once

Ah here you go Nuwara Eliya

It still had a BT Red Phone Box back in the day by the Post Office.

Nice Golf Course there as well

You have to put away the “Exploitation of the Poor” head and actually visit a Tea Farm/Factory to learn why PG Tips etc is actually the spawn of Hypo’s Whale and Tetly is the Devil himself.

Broken Orange Pekoe is the way to go

Loved it but FWIW we had bombs in Colombo while there - don’t let that stuff in Thailand scare you off they’re as regular as clockwork all over the place these days. Bali is still doing OK…


Thanks all. Some actual useful info! :slight_smile: That Villa looks pretty nice. We found one via airbnb but it’s half the price there than anywhere else on line so wondering if it’s a legit advert as no reviews.

Dubai - I agree re not being put off going to Thailand and I was still very much up for going (never been) the OH however is not so keen as they specifically targetted tourist areas. But now it’s going to work out cheaper so I am happy to go elsewhere and sort a trip to Thailand another time.


Ah yes, you lot & trendy online shopping.

Air bnb is brilliant, but it is a Western invention, so when you get further afield the Primark mentality can blur some basic reality and concepts. Many other nations have very different rules & regulations or even simple things.

For example air bnb is offered here but it is illegal to rent rooms out. Not an issue if you are lucky or everything goes well but IF something goes wrong - it is a problem.

Homesteads & backpacking are well established in Asia and in many places like Vietnam give you places to stay that truly capture a location or the nation. But on a vacation in Asia where £5 is a lot of money, one key element that you get in proper hotels is security.

Look for the big ASian travel sites like Asia Web direct (late and more specialist sites. For reviews stick to Travelocity.

By all means save money by eating & drinking out but even simple things like don’t try & self drive in Sri Lanka when you can get a crazy & experienced guide/driver from the hotel for the same price when you get there.

Not criticism of air bnb but the western vision is often not the same when you get out east. (Even Uber has been off the road in parts of UAE of late due to permits)

A plantation worker in SL earns $1 per day. It isn’t a connected country. But it is great, just different