🏆 🏅 SPOTY 2022

Contenders have been announced, who would you vote for, do you care…

  • gymnast Jessica Gadirova
  • footballer Beth Mead
  • curling’s Eve Muirhead
  • cricketer Ben Stokes
  • snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan
  • athlete Jake Wightman.

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Tough call.
Beth Mead changed football.
Ben has changed Cricket
Both in the same year
The others have performed superbly.

Glad I’m not spending @PhilippineSaint money on a bet on the result

my money would be on Beth Mead

Football and Female obvious winner


Also a real “Paradigm Shift”
McCullum should get Coach of the Year but Foitball came home so that wont happen either

So Wenkman busted some ghosts and brought football home & wins Coach of the year.
Guess who won World Star?

Yes @scotty I know but W is V in Poland

In a complete upset, Beth Mead wins SPOTY


Is she the gymnast?

I think she’s the one that ran around in just her sports bra after scoring…


So i should have put money on it :rofl::rofl:

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I very nearly suggested that you do just that when I saw that she ticked the LGBT box as well :smile: