🏆 🏅 SPOTY 2022/2023

Contenders have been announced, who would you vote for, do you care…

  • gymnast Jessica Gadirova
  • footballer Beth Mead
  • curling’s Eve Muirhead
  • cricketer Ben Stokes
  • snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan
  • athlete Jake Wightman.

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Tough call.
Beth Mead changed football.
Ben has changed Cricket
Both in the same year
The others have performed superbly.

Glad I’m not spending @PhilippineSaint money on a bet on the result

my money would be on Beth Mead

Football and Female obvious winner


Also a real “Paradigm Shift”
McCullum should get Coach of the Year but Foitball came home so that wont happen either

So Wenkman busted some ghosts and brought football home & wins Coach of the year.
Guess who won World Star?

Yes @scotty I know but W is V in Poland

In a complete upset, Beth Mead wins SPOTY


Is she the gymnast?

I think she’s the one that ran around in just her sports bra after scoring…


So i should have put money on it :rofl::rofl:

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I very nearly suggested that you do just that when I saw that she ticked the LGBT box as well :smile:

SPOTY Night.
Not worth it’s own thread because there’s only one winner and there is cricket on.

I assume @PhilippineSaint has the mortgage on Mary Earps?

Frankie Dettori ain’t stupid, he stayed with his family in France

A 16 year old kid wins the best youngster award for sliding down mountains.

Shock here in Poland as we discover UK has an actual mountain sliding world champion let alone her only being 16

Mia Brookes

Sports & Personality - surely two mutually exclusive words?

“People who won some thing at sport awards” would make more sense?

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Wouldnt touch this with a barge pole but Alfie Will win it.

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World Sports Star was never gonna be Verstappen

Never in doubt.
Mary walks it