Spotted you lurking Cherts

C’mon post - you know you want to


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He’s gone now…laters Cherts


He’s back…ummm no he’s gone again.

Little devil. :lou_wink_2:


Cherts knows that despite its hidiousness this place has a better class of scum and villainy. Or maybe he knows that like me, it leaves you a little aroused?

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I miss Sarb :lou_sad: I dunno why he left me.

I’d have thought any arena where you can openly call pap a cunt is entirely within his Field Of Interest. I’m surprised he don’t log on once a day just to do that.


@chertsey-saint is online again, he changed his logo yesterday after I admitted that I missed him.

We all miss you @chertsey-saint , well maybe not all of us, but surely most of us, if not most then some of us do…

Cherts Bro, its me Cracked Rib… er I mean Gay Abandon, sorry Chutnet Ferret… now Areola - Come back join in the Papa Brexit bashing - its the best way yet to exorcise stess and work induced demons

Free the @undefined !!