🚘 Speed camera tolerances


Well, in god’s own county we don’t really know but this list reveals how fast you can go before being snapped and probably prosecuted.

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Now, can you trust your speedo…

Speed camera thresholds across the UK

Police force Number of cameras Camera activation threshold
Avon and Somerset 41 10% + 2mph
Bedfordshire 38 Would not reveal threshold
Cambridgeshire 32 Would not reveal threshold
Cheshire 15 10% + 2mph
Cleveland 4 10% + 2mph
Derbyshire 18 10% + 2mph
Devon and Cornwall 98 10% + 2mph
Durham 0 fixed 10% + 2mph
Essex 63 Don’t use a standard threshold
Greater Manchester 235 Would not reveal threshold
Gwent 21 10% + 2mph
Hampshire 36 10% + 2mph
Hertfordshire 53 Would not reveal threshold
Kent 109 10% + 2mph
Lancashire 34 10% + 3mph
Leicestershire 30 10% + 2mph
Merseyside 18 10% + 2mph
Metropolitan Police/TfL 805 10% + 3mph
Norfolk 26 10% + 2mph
North Wales 28 10% + 2mph
Northumbria 55 10% + 2mph
Nottinghamshire 48 Refused to confirm if threshold exists
Police Service of Northern Ireland 12 10% + 2mph
Scotland 173 Refused to confirm if threshold exists
South Wales 137 10% + 2mph
South Yorkshire 25 10% + 2mph
Staffordshire 286 Would not reveal threshold
Suffolk 4 10% + 2mph
Thames Valley 294 10% + 2mph
Warwickshire 28 10% + 2mph
West Mercia 23 10% + 2mph
West Midlands 33 Would not reveal threshold
West Yorkshire 402 10% + 2mph


I have very little tolerance of speed cameras



The bastards have a mobile camera they set up regularly just outside of our village on a bend out of sight as you approach and merrily sit there catching cars just as they start to slow down. Been questioned if it is sited correctly, but they’re raking in the dosh kerrching!



Only got caught once in the mid-'90s by a cop with a hair dryer. 42mph in a 30 zone. I’m not in hurry to get anywhere these days so I always set my cruise control to the prevailing speed limit and relax.



20mph in pedestrianised areas, init?



Simple solution, don’t speed, stick to the speed limit then they won’t get any revenue.



Going on that list I would take a wild guess that the tolerance is 10% + 2 miles per hour.



Sets Cruise Control at 78mph on M3 in future



I generally try to set cruise control for 53-54 mph on the M27 roadworks. I’m fucked if I know why every other cunt thinks they need to do 35-40 mph FFS.



99mph on a motorway you soft basts.



My maths isn’t very good, is that the average tolerance?



Checking speedos in modern cars against a Garmin Sat Nav I’ve found on successive cars I’ve owned inherently show 2mph higher at 30 mph…so 30mph on the speedo shows 28mph on the Garmin. Sat Nav is supposedly the more accurate indicator.

Ironically my 61 year old jaloppy shows 30mph on the cable speedo and 30mph on the Garmin…also the same at 50 mph.

This suggests both accuracy and inaccuracy are intentional.

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You had a horse that could pull a cart at 42mph?

And did they really have hairdryers in the 1890s?



I go by Sat Nav too these days and since my speed awareness course last year I just use the cruise control pretty much everywhere.



As a rule I don’t, but…

It is those times, particularly after work, when you are a bit distracted by some issue you were dealing with and before you know it, you have sailed through the camera at 38mph

Then you have the two week wait to find out if it was one of the cameras that had the working bits inside - there are only four actual cameras in Hampshire - they get rotated around the various sites



One thing I noticed is that on my 15 minute journey to work and backI pass through 17% of Hampshire’s cameras :lou_smiley:



You should come and drive in Dorset, apparently we either don’t have a police force, don’t exist or don’t have any speed cameras!!



Well half your county should be given back to Hampshire and the other half is nearly Devonish so you may be about right



Once got done doing 118 on the M3 by an unmarked car. He asked me why, so I said no excuse, but my sister has just been diagnosed with cancer and I just want to get home.

Cop said sorry I can’t let you off at this speed, it’s recorded on camera. He said my driving was good - had been following me for ages :angry: - but it’s normally a ban at this speed. I said fair enough, though a ban would have made work very difficult.

Eventually he gave me an SP50: three points and a fine of £70. Top bloke. :+1::+1:



Hey, we only stole Bournemouth and Christchurch off of you and, to be honest, you can have them back.

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