Spam emails

Every time there’s a new topic on here I get a fucking email alerting me to the fact.

How do I stop this happening?


Stand down.

Ive changed my email address to a fake one.


New topic?

You can subscribe to individual topics and be notified of new posts, but as far as I’m are, there’s no new topic notification.

You can subsribe to a Category too, everytime a new topic is created under a category you will get an email saying so.

Block 5, find what category you are subscribed to (use the Following link at the top of the page) and unsubscribe from it…


Whenever I start a new thread, I always forget to ‘unsubscribe’ but as for all the others I do not get notifications.

Your category subscription has been removed.

You can change your email address back now.


But the notificaiton that you have update his subscription won’t get to him because he’s got everything going to a fake email address…

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Thanks Pap.

All sorted.