🇪🇸 Spain v Russia 🇷🇺 - @lifeintheslowlane v @gavstar - Sunday 1st July 15:00 BBC One

It’s @lifeintheslowlane v @gavstar.

Spain to win in normal time. Ruskies out and then we will see how friendly the locals are.

After a blistering start to the tournament I feel the Russian Lokomotiv has run out of puff. I doubt even Doc Brown could get this train back up to speed.

Spain 3-0 Russia

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Whoa, whoa, whoa.

That is not what you signed up for.

It doesn’t matter if you believe that or not, your job is to talk up the Bear’s chances not admit defeat before you’ve even started.

Once again from the top…You think :ru: Russia will win because…

Oh, and while you’re at it, you’re supposed to kick the old bloke in the shins too. (That’d be @lifeintheslowlane :es: )

Well a refreshing breeze of reality from Gavs has to be applauded.
It’s a little hard for a lot of Sotonian youngsters to cede this cup sweepstake to the more experienced participants but sheer common sense tells you to hand the money over now and we can all go home and get on with our normal lives.



Ah ok let me try again, ahem

After a blistering start to the tournament I feel the Russian Lokomotiv is running as hot as the inside of my car during this unseasonal sunny spell, someone call Doc Brown and tell him to put his feet up, Spain and @lifeintheslowlane we’re coming for you and we’re going to Crussia! (it sounds a bit like crush-ya when you say it out loud)


Dolph says: ‘‘I must Crussia!’’


Gav, I know we have yet to meet so I thought it only fair to send you a picture of myself.
If you’d like to revise your brave talk I’ll understand…

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Iniesta rested? rubbish? or crocked?
Time to tune in to my Canadian friends

Get in Spain

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OG Russia…Spain lead 11 minutes

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Pen to Russia.

I reckon @gavstar will bottle it.

Can’t argue with the penalty call

Well the Spaniard did know anything about it…but pen to Russia.

1 - 1 40 minutes



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There I was about to start scanning Prime for a movie to watch. Spain walking around like they were on a trip to the Mall with the wife and the Russians being all big bad wolf without the puff.
Now gonna have to watch because in the words of (I am pretty sure it is) Peter Drury, it has become intriguing…

What. Lucky his hand didn’t hit the ball the first time he tried to handle it? or lucky that he managed to hit the ball on the way into the goal from the strikers head?

Neither, certain pen and Russia deserved the equaliser but there’s no way I’m admitting that to @gavstar.

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Wake me up for the Penalty Shoot Out. zzzzzzzzzzz.

Last few holes of the golf from France are exciting