🇪🇸 Spain v England :engerland: UEFA Europa League Group A4, Estadio Benito Villamarin

Another “Who gives a damn match?” does anyone really care about these Europa League matches? I know they were supposed to stop the farce of friendlies but it doesn’t seem to have worked.

Anyway, here’s some words about it from the BBC

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And here’s the current standings after 2 games each

Team P GD Pts
1 Spain 2 7 6
2 England 2 -1 1
3 Croatia 2 -6 1

If I wake up at 02:45 in the morning I may watch it to help send me back to sleep before getting up for another day’s hard graft (cough cough) offshore.


We were meant to be in Seville this week. Really need to check football fixtures when booking stuff.

WTF Sterling scored a goal

Spain 0-1 England 16 mins


BUGGER ME…not literally of course. Stirling opens the scoring for England.

See, this “football” site does have its uses…


Documented evidence please…not going to accept that on the evidence you have supplied. :rage:


I’m sure I read something useful on here a while back, honest, guv.

I’ll check. I may be some time.

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FUCKIN’ HELL…I have a nosebleed we’re two up.

Rashford scores 0-2 England

but Pickford is still keeping us in it :slight_smile:

And Dzeko has just scored a worldy against the Irish.


fuck me 0-3 England sterling gets this one

I’m hallucinating…it’s not possible we have knocked in 3 without reply before half-time.

Wake me up when it’s over.

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3 fucking good goals too.

Hallucinating ay…you too. :lou_facepalm_2:


Why are you lot smoking. No way our kids are winning in Spain

I’m going to bed…this is doin’ my head in.:lou_sad:

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