Southampton vs Swansea match thread

Southampton vs Swansea match thread


Throwing my hat into the ring as lucky match thread boy…

We normally do well under my thread stewardship.

What do we reckon? It’s a must win. Is it a “can win”?


It’s both to be honest Pap, hopefully the win mid-week will give them some confidence.

Really, really need Schlong to find his control and shooting boots.


This is the first six pointer of the season, If we dont win we will be cast adrift from pack like a cyclyst with a puncture in the tour de Francais.

Or we should win this one probably 2-1 Long and Jrod on the scoresheet .

if we get another home draw and the diamond is just a shape and not a football formation, then I can already hear the wails of frustration that Puel has no clue what the 1st division is all about and he should fall on his short sword before he gets a bullet.


It’s neither a “must win” or a “six pointer”. We will win though. 2-0


Is that coming straight from your bones, Fatso?


It is, pap. And my bones have never been wrong.


Lawro reckons 2-0 to us as well, but you know what his predictions are like…



I’d like to see the time he made his prediction. I’m 99% sure it would have been after I made mine. He’s heard about my bones.


Here’s an idea, why don’t you sell your predictions to him? They’ve got to be more accurate than his usually are.


As long as I have my lucky porridge for breakfast in my big red and white stripey bowl we’ll be OK.

A comfortable win for our brave lads. Trust me. :lou_lol:


I’ll give you my lucky porridge all down your chin.


That’s sooo wrong Fatso

Funny though



I would certainly have enough time to dodge it if I saw you coming. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


So, you can move quickly enough when you want to? New user name: lifeinthe slowlanebuticandodgecumifmyporridgeisjustright.


As long as he’s creating problems for the Swansea defence I’ll be happy. Just like the way he makes things happen - hopefully someone will be there to make use of the pickings.


Originally posted by @BTripz

Really, really need Schlong to find his control and shooting boots.

As nice as this would be that’s not really Shane’s game. If he had the touch and finish of Alexis Sanchez then he’d be playing for someone else. As CTFC says as long as he’s making life difficult for other teams then I’m happy.



Working nightshift tonight, so will have to watch the game stone cold sober drinking water whilst the rest of The Crew are chucking beer down their fucking necks and laughing at me :cry:

It had better be a belting 4-0 win to us to make up for my suffering. Have you ever watched us play whilst sober? … it’s not my cuppa tea that’s for sure.

I won’t even try to guess today’s line up.

Come on you Saints, you can beat this pile of Seaswans droppings.


Oriol saying that Puel asked players to take more risks than Koeman and that they players enjoy it more. Strange that although the players are allowed to take more risks we are second in the “shots against” league (2nd best record so far this season…10 shots against us)


Is there a stream for the game even though its not on the telly?