Southampton vs Liverpool League Cup Scoops

Is this the first genuine evening drinking club in Southampton? I think it might be. I am going to be travelling down on the 1st, and will be staying until the 6th. Up for before and possibly after, depending on how dire a Wednesday night in Soton is.

Mike O’Callaghan’s funeral that lunchtime. All afternoon at the wake, then onto the game.

Its gonna be messy.

Am down for this one…


Might need a few to get through the match, given how shaky we’ve been at home.

Which is strange as we were really shaky away and home was where we were picking up the points! If only we could get both going. Saying this we needed a penalty at Sunderland to get the blinking ball in the net and we were all over them! Goal scoring problems?

Where are we heading for this one?

Rockstone is getting a raft of new bottled craft beers in but I’d happily go anywhere that serves a decent brew.

Will probably pop home after work to get changed but I’ll be free from 6pm.

Good question. I’m pretty easy on location. Rockstone will do me. The Platform is a bit of a walk.

Whoops seems like I just bought a ticket, so will be coming down from Carlisle, staying over night a my sister’s and coming back the next morning. Might get to see you guys this time, but cannot and will not promise as family and other friend demands… but surely a pint before the game is in order.

So who’s coming next week then? Or is it just going to be an awkward me and Pap evening?

‘awkward?’ Would have thought it would be the perfect opportunity for the ‘love that dare not speak its name’ to blossom away from the prying gaze of papsweb followers - share the love dudes

I will not be there sadly, game or beers. First evening drinks in Soton, yes. Evening away matches have been done in London.

Nope not happening for me, as I have got far to many orders that have come in for work. Cannot turn away the trade this time of year. Got a ticket on my card, but cannot go!

Not the same. That’s a night in the pub, not a visit to a football stadium bookended by trips to the pub :lou_lol:

I have a spare for this game (courtesy of Sfcsim). Itchen. Face value.

Well jealous of this one guys, have a great one and I SO SO SO hope we beat the fuckers.

Not so. Did Arsenal away twice last season with drinks evening included. Was an open invitation on SWF (met by the usual silence or scepticism by the majority on there of course).

Finances dictate I am not there, but gutted. Have a cracker.

Where we going to meet? Will be there about 6ish I reckon.

Rockstone @ 6pm?

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Rockstone @ 6pm?

Is that down Bevois Valley?

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Originally posted by @pap

Rockstone @ 6pm?

Is that down Bevois Valley?

Yup. Used to be the Bevois Castle. Opposite Manzils, just down from Lennon’s and just up from Dungeon.

6pm works for me.