Southampton vs Aston Villa - Capital One Cup thread

No discussion about tomorrow’s Cup match? For shame.

None of this buggering about with a second-rate starting XI. Aston Villa are a wounded animal - one that wasn’t particularly strong to begin with. Go for the jugular and sub off superstars once the deed is done.

Mostly big teams left in this cup, but a couple of relative giant-killings and it could start to look very tasty indeed.

There’ll be a strong attendance with a near-sell out. Who else is going?


Cracked Rib drops the ball again :lou_smiley:


If you fancy a little light entertainment, here are Birmingham’s brightest* attempting to guess the attendance. Some of whom have continued to guess throughout today, despite both clubs announcing their allocation as sold out.**

* ‘Most enthusiastic’.

** Minus a few seats in hospitality.

… I am sulking… :lou_angry:


Will Rémi Garde be in charge by then? Thems the rumours.

Oui, c’est possible.

You’d hope that wouldn’t be long enough to improve Villa, but when this GIF adequately demonstrates the extent of your previous manager’s tactical nous…

Do the 'Sherwood'

Crazy game, that. Mostly battered them but all came to nowt.

For more representative result, see: Aston Villa at St. Mary’s in May. Imagine deciding to play a high line against Mané…

I’ll be there ant. Goaty prediction: 3-1 Saints.

Thought I’d just pop these here.

Cheers to OT and his pages of relevance:

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Where do Bearsy’s loyalties lie - that what I wanna know!

I’d be surprised if he knows we are playing!


So at the moment if we can win this game, we will be in the quarter final draw with -



Sheffield Wednesday


BUT probably

Man U

Man City


we will be the only club south of Stoke left in the compitition! But Villa could say the same. All in if this was the case I could go to any away game in the quarters!

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Yep me too (unemployment budget permitting!)

Chelsea and Arsenal out. Could this be our year? COYS!!!

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Originally posted by @ant

a couple of relative giant-killings and it could start to look very tasty indeed.

Called it.

No excuses - all-in tonight.


Looking forward to my first game of the season. Could be a busy month for me with tonight, Sunderland and Man City away and hopefully the next round.

Also going to watch Carlisle v Skates on 21st November!


Just both Manchester clubs and Liverpool to overcome. I expect no more giant killers in this round, but was fun last night!

Juanmi to start in place of Mane? Ramirez too? Assume Romeu and JWP may feature.

I’ve got to drive to Hertfordshire at the final whistle so could do without extra time - can I be excused at the 92 minute mark if we are 4-0 up/down, or will I be pelted with abuse as a plastic?..

Anyone going for a drink before the game?