:pl: :saintsfc: Southampton v West Brom :westbromfc: (Live on BT Sport)

:saintsfc: v :westbromfc:

Moved to Sunday 4th October and Live on BT Sport

  • :saintsfc: 0-0 :westbromfc:
  • :saintsfc: 1-0 :westbromfc:
  • :saintsfc: 2-0 :westbromfc:
  • :saintsfc: 3-0 :westbromfc:
  • :saintsfc: 0-1 :westbromfc:
  • :saintsfc: 1-1 :westbromfc:
  • :saintsfc: 2-1 :westbromfc:
  • :saintsfc: 3-1 :westbromfc:
  • :saintsfc: 0-2 :westbromfc:
  • :saintsfc: 1-2 :westbromfc:
  • :saintsfc: 2-2 :westbromfc:
  • :saintsfc: 3-2 :westbromfc:
  • :saintsfc: 0-3 :westbromfc:
  • :saintsfc: 1-3 :westbromfc:
  • :saintsfc: 2-3 :westbromfc:
  • :saintsfc: 3-3 :westbromfc:
  • :saintsfc: it’s a home game, the recent winning run comes to a juddering halt…
  • a draw is on the cards
  • :saints: pull if out of the bag and manage to perform in front of their own fans, :westbromfc: humilated!!

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We just get started in our season, then have to play at home again.


I can see us playing well, but dropping two points to a soft late equaliser. Adams to be on the scoresheet.

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Just stop right there…you are not @Barry-Sanchez keep repeating that until you feel better…

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We made hard work of a win against a very depleted Burnley side. Both defences have problems here, so i reckon a 2-2 draw.

That’s optimistic


I’ve predicted my second Saints win.


I also put my Superbru where my mouth is.

Well the Hotel I have arrived at has football live on the telly only downside the bar hss no telly so carry out and a takeaway to the room for 7pm kick off



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0-9 vs Leicester Mention Watch Sweepstake (BT 2).

78 mins 37 secs.

FFS my stream provider has chosen today to have some downtime (forced on them to be fair). I’ve tried http://liveonscore.tv/category/soccer-streams/premier-league/ but clicking on the Saints link just takes me to something else.

What gives??

2 fucking minutes.


Bertrand, classic example of not having composure.

What do you expect from a Skate commentator?

Good afternoon Barry.


And again on 24.25.

We still just categorically do not have the players to break down this sort of team when they sit deep