Southampton V Watford Build up and match day thread

Southampton V Watford Build up and match day thread


Under orders of @btripz Here is the Build up and match day thread for Watford.

The only question worth asking is VVD going to be in the squad?



VvD won’t be in the squad!

I have a good feeling about this one, I will be in attendance, a 5-0 hammering of Watford will ensue!!


A entertaining 3-1 win, with a Gabbiadini brace.

Hoedt is the defender i will be hoping to see, not VD.


Four star

See saws Steve Jackson yo! Shida Bert rand

Oreo lemony

Tadic :lou_facepalm_2: Davo redderz




I can feel in my balls that we are gonna suffer a Bad Result here. Dunno why. The feelings in my balls do not stand up to logical scrutiny, they operate on a more mystical plane.


Oh dear Bob, that puts pay to a goal fest then :lou_facepalm_2:

1 nil to the mighty SFC


Upvoted purely for the Tadic face-palm!

Given that Tadic has been away and played a couple of times for Serbia in the last few days, and has generally been underwhelming at everything other than writhing around on the floor in fake agony; maybe give Boufal a shirt on Saturday? He has been back at home with Saints training so he will be fresh and well versed when it comes to the manager’s plans.

2-0 - with Boufal on the scoresheet




You’re only supposed to eat half a tablet. When will you learn?


Has Hoedt been bought as a striker?! Some boss finishing from him.

Oh, and VVD was smiling/laughing… amazing what happens when the transfer window closes and the chickens come home to roost.


1-0 saints… Gabbi to score in second half.


This makes it a straight fight between your bones and Bearsy’s balls. It’s a close call, but your bones have been pretty accurate in the past and I like their prediction better than that of the ursine glands, so I’ll go with that.




Lawro Watch

he has doomed us to a score draw.

Southampton v Watford

We are seeing again what a good manager Marco Silva is - at this rate he might even last more than a season in charge of Watford - or at least get to Christmas anyway.

But I fancy Southampton here. They got back among the goals at St Mary’s in their previous league game there, against West Ham, after a run of five games without scoring there at the end of last season.

Lawro’s prediction: 2-0

Osi and Jason’s prediction: 2-1


3:1 Saints

24 shots on target - our three goals from off target deflected shots / own goals from back passes

Watford’s goal from their one shot on target and Forster flapping…

Shit, I’ll take the win!


A bit suspicious if you ask me .Bertrand was also seen smiling and we all know that doesn’t happen !!

The power of photoshop methinks. :lou_lol:


They is scraping the barrel here :-


3 - 1 to the Saints. VVD on the bench. Austin and Gabbi to start up front. Lemina with his first goal.


Really difficult this for a manager.

The rule should be if you play well you kee your place in the team. And so far this season Stephens & Yoshi have not done anything to deserve being dropped.

Yet Hoedt has had a week to “bed in” and has had International game time. Big money so should walk into the team.

And then the “statement” as to when VVD gets onto the bench.

Personally I’d go


Cedric Stephens Yoshi Bert

Lemons Oreos

Redmond Boufal Davis


Hoedt on the bench and not VVD for a home game