Southampton v Sunderland - Build up and match thread

Time to get our first win under our belts. I’m going for a 2-0, with Long and Fonte getting on the scoresheet. Then we will have liftoff!

I cannot get along to this game, so if anyone wants to take my season ticket for the game, then let me know Block 1 Itchen north. PM me if interested and I will send it down to you.


Oh and also my season ticket is going for the below games.

Southampton v Swansea - 18th September

Southampton v Burnley - 16th October

Southampton v Chelsea - 30th October

Southampton v Everton - 27th November

Glad to see you have picked up the Baton Sfcsim

Well the way Sunderland played yesterday it should be about 4 or 5 - 0 if we can feed any body on our side at their end of the pitch.

As I live only 15 miles from Sunderland I can’t wait till Sunday when I see all my friends and my brother-in-law who are (and is) avid Sunderland supporters. Just to see them trying to sqerm there way out of a thrashing like we gave them 2 seasons ago, it’s so funny how they explain the defeat it’s as if Saints where not there and the only players on the pitch where Sunderland players, in fact the premier league only has one team according to Sunderland supports and it’s Sunderland! How sad. 4-0 Saints.


And we will.

Will be my first game of the season, having been en route home from west Wales for the opener. Really looking forward to it (and, of course, to the pre-match drinks!).


Let’s help David Moyes achieve his vision that Sunderland are in a relegation battle :joy_cat:


So Sunderland have not won a league game in August since 2010!

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we will destroy them. 3-1 with 75% possession

Expecting a thoroughly unpleasant afternoon against a team that’ll doubtless do all they can to timewaste, get men behind the ball, play for the 0-0 and just generally be a nuisance. First goal is everything. I don’t see us coming from behind to win but I can’t really see us throwing a lead away against such a negative side if we do get our noses in front.

I think Fatso is two-thirds. I just can’t see us scoring 3.

This smiler is losing his grin with the ineffectiveness of our forward play at the moment and have visions of this game leading to a horrible couple of weeks of bed wetting and wrist slitting (well, on SWF anyway, which is always fun to read). We need an early goal to calm the nerves otherwise I can see a very tense game ending 0-0 or even worse someone like deFoe pinching a breakaway goal.

So far this season I’ve predicted a 1-1 draw with Watford and a 3-0 defeat by United. I really don’t like August or games before the transfer deadline closes! :frowning:

Can they beat the time-wasting marker laid down by Watford?

They started before the two minute mark with the relaxed style of their first goal kick - that could take some beating.

I for one would like to see Austin given a shirt on Saturday. I can’t see there being a great deal of room in behind their back four so having two pacey runners up top won’t do much good in my opinion. He is also the best finisher we have at present and we are not creating enough chances to be too wasteful right now. Give him a run of games and see what happens.

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I shall not be in attendance for this one. We’re having one of our famous parties up in the ‘Pool because it’s Bank Holiday weekend, we were away at Glastonbury for the missus’ 40th (did I mention we got tickets?) and we were skint afterwards.

I reckon Moyes deserves more credit than he gets. He completely fumbled the United job, and would have done better to get into a club like Sunderland straight away. I think he’ll do well there, but I hope he hasn’t got his mojo when we play them this weekend.

Janujaz is something of a gamble. Did he look good because he is in the United side, or he is just plain good? Van Gaal never demonstrated much faith in him, but its worth bearing in mind that we could be facing a couple of players with points to prove.

I would hope this to be the moment we notch up our first league win. Let’s hope we get our much rumoured business done on time to get them on the teamsheet. We need a bit of magic that our current players aren’t quite conjuring.

Unfortunately Austin isn’t compatible with our system(s). He can’t play the “wide striker” role in the diamond formation, and he lacks the pace and strength required to play up top in a 4-3-3. I don’t see how he fits into our squad at all tbh.

They will play with 2 banks of 4 and men in between to limit space, and they do have Defoe which guarantees we’ll concede at least one. Will be a tricky day - the key is to get Tadic as much time on the ball as possible to pick a pass and for Redmond and Long to bust a gut to exploit any gaps. Hopefully Bertrand will be fit for this one too, although I wouldn’t mind Matty getting a run.


Subs: McCarthy, Pied, Targett, Yoshida, JWP, Clasie, Jay Rod

If he isnt compatible with our systems then why on Earth did we sign him? Surely not just because he was cheap and we could turn a profit! That doesnt sound like the ‘Southampton Way’… :lou_wink_2:. He represents more of an aerial threat than Redmond and Long (although Long isnt bad in the air) and I can see us having to throw some speculative crosses in on Saturday due to Sunderland playing deep.

The club made it known that he was Pelle’s replacement and Pelle was not quick. So surely there is room for a striker who can finish but isnt quick?

I’d be surprised if Bertrand plays just yet. Sorry to say it but watching Targett reminds me of how much we miss RB. Whoever said Targett was going to be better than Luke Shaw was smoking something a little bit naughty in my honest opinion.

the system changed after we signed him.

I get that, but surely we need to adjust the ‘system’ at times depending on the oppositions own approach? I’m sure you’re both probably right but at the same time I hope Puel isn’t so obsessed with his diamond that he disregards opposition tactics. It used to do my head in when Pochettino played his way even though in certain games it looked as though we wouldn’t score in a month of Sunday’s.

I know it’s early days and Utd are less shit nowadays but the new system didn’t work especially well the other night.

Bottom line for me is I’d stick Austin in for this game because this game will be tight and could come down to taking a half chance. Something that Shlong rarely does and Redmond…ain’t Henry yet. First goal is massive in this one I reckon.

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I’d play Austin as well, bit it looks like Puel has got his system and wants to use it. Unless Austin isn’t fully fit yet?

I don’t think there will be a cricket score in this years fixture but I am plenty confident we will take all three points here.

Going for 2-1 only because of Defoe likes to stick it to everyone. Is he the town bike or something?

Adam Blackmore@ bigadamsport 59m59 minutes ago

# saintsfc will make a decision on Ryan Bertrand’s fitness tomorrow - Romeu seems ok after going off at OT