Southampton v Fulham - match thread

I reckon we’re on to a right banger with this one.

I predict 2-0 with Austin and Prowsey on the score sheet


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Best match thread ever. They should all be like this. 2-0 wins thrown in!


What, you mean without Bazza?

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I was right, wow!! What do I win?

A night out in Derby with Barry.

I corrected it for you.


I’m not paying…

Everyone woz shit. Not a pro footballer at our shittest run football club ever an anyone who isn’t right wing is cunts.

I don’t mind subbing for him occasionally. Piece of piss.

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Thanks @cellone I was getting Bazza withdrawal symptoms - actually, now I’ve typed that it sounds just…wrong


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Sounds like you need to stiffen up and push on.

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Nooooooo…! Wrong, wrong, wrong…

Funny though