Southampton v Burnley - Match Thread

Not seen one started yet so thought I’d chuck this bit of news in

Ben DinneryVerified account@ BenDinnery 23m23 minutes ago

# SaintsFC are confident that both Sofiane Boufal and Jay Rodriguez will be ready to face Burnley following a successful 2 weeks of training

I have a feeling in my water for this one.


Good man, bTripz. We got a win last time you started one of these.

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Can’t take Burnley for granted, they were unlucky to lose against Arsenal, and handily turned over a previously tricky Watford side 2-0.

That said… the kind of game we ought to win. Hope Boufal gets a few minutes.

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to the tune of the Marian Pahars song

Sofiane Boufal


Sofiane Boufal


Sofiane Boufal


oh oh oh Sofiane


Better than Barry Glendenning’s effort.

You’re Boufal to the tune of " you’re beautiful" by James Blunt.

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I was thinking just the same!

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exactly. We shouldn’t be taking Burnley for granted. Could be a tough game.



Jay and Sofiane both getting some game time would be great just before we go to the San Siro. Any updates on the knocks picked up on international duty?

Will this be the game that we start scoring a decent percentage of our chances?

I’m with Fatso 4-0. Virgil first goal, Højbejerg last goal. Bookies a little bit richer probably

I have a feeling JWP will score in this one.

2-0 Saints.

Not good reading

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This game has ‘potential banana skin’ written all over it, so a mate was telling me earlier.

Personally, I think we’ll win easily and it’ll set us up nicely for another win in Milan

3 nil Saints I reckon

so no Bertrand and no Targett

does that mean McQueen or Stephens gets a chance or do we risk Yoshi at left back?

BTW is Jack Stephens related to Schlong??

Cheers BTripz. Not good at all. Looks like Maya at LB then. Not sure Claude would start with one of the youngsters. Has Martina ever played LB for us?

Cheers BTripz. Not good at all. Looks like Maya at LB then. Not sure Claude would start with one of the youngsters. Has Martina ever played LB for us?

I don’t see why Puel wouldn’t start with one of the youngsters. He’s shown he’s not afraid to make bold decisions and has said from the start he’d give them a go if the opportunity arose.

From what I’ve heard Sam McQueen has been playing well for the under 23’s and Jack Stephens played the full 90 in England under 21’s 5-0 win the other night. Both must have a bit about them.

Stephens is more a centre half or sometimes defensive midfielder tho’ so I wouldn’t of thought he’d play him out of position.

I don’t remember Martina playing LB but was bought originally for his versatility to play anywhere across the defence so he’s a possibility … depends on Seesaws fitness I suppose.


My guess would be something like this against Burnley.


Martina Yoshi VVW McQueen


Clasie JWP

Tadic (Boufal)

Redmond Austin

Fonte, Davis, Targett and Hoijberjg rested for Milan. Boufal switched with Tadic after an hour or vice versa.

Good strong team

True about Puel and i would be happy to see Mc Queen play, just think he’ll go for the safest option, as i consider this an important game. 3 points will set us up nicely in the PL and come with the added feel good factor going into the Inter game.

I won’t mention the added bonus of going for our clean sheet record as that got me down voted before for tempting fate.

Let’s see what surprises Cluade gives us this weekend.


I’d take that. Looks good and a decent bench* if changes are needed. I like your confidence in Yoshi and McQueen both in the back line(will Cluade be as brave?).

*It wasn’t that long ago that i was looking at who needed replacing so we had a decent first 11. Now i see a squad that that are all capable of coming on and changing a game.

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Surely the safe option would be to put a round peg in a round hole and McQueen is third choice LB as far as I know.

You right about Puel tho … he does think outside the box, so who knows

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I think we have to go as close to full strength as possible in this one. They won’t be a pushover by any means.

With the injuries we have we can’t afford to rest anybody else out of choice.

Hopefully we are in a position that we can give Boufal and Jay some minutes so that they can have more game time in Milan, thus allowing some rotation and keeping things fresh.