:efl: :saints: Southampton v Brentford :brentfordfc: (EFL Cup - 2nd Round)

:saints: v :brentfordfc:

Brentford got here after beating 10 man Wycombe on penalties

What team will Ralph put out? Will it be all the kids or will he have the full squad so they can “gel” a bit more…

  • :saints: win in normal time
  • :brentfordfc: win in normal time
  • :saints: win on penalties
  • :brentfordfc: win on penalties

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I’ll leave this here then.


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So, I registered with the EFL

Now, the question is do I part with a tenner to watch what I expect to be a 2nd or 3rd string side lose at home to Brentford? :thinking:

Because it will be most of the 1st team? Particularly after the piss-poor effort on Saturday


Ralph specifically said as few changes as possible, needs to build rhythm in the team


Ok I’ll hold you personally responsible if they fuck up @Polski_Filip @Lets-B-Drinking


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Signed up and paid me tenner…that’s £10 not the incontinence pants for you bed-wetters. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

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Only responsible for predicting a strong side.

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Intrigued to see Tella in that role…

Rhythm is a mystery though, he wants style and rhythm but has ended up being a slave to it (as we have shit centre backs).

Lol. More gibberish.


Hahha…roll out the hula hoops…


Distinct lack of razzmatazz before breaking to get ready for kick off. Bargain basement event tonight I guess

McCarthy’s been on the sauce.

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