:pl: :saintsfc: Southampton v Aston Villa :astonvillafc: (Live on :sky_logo: Sports)

:saintsfc: v :astonvillafc:

Draw the red line under the Arsenal game, move on…

  • :saints: injury list still longer than the queue for a job as a gynaecologist’s assistant, strikers out of form, :astonvillafc: win easily.
  • Grealish has nice hair but no end product, Ings finds his from, Adams finds the back of the net, :saints: win
  • draw…

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Highlighting for @CB-Saint that this game is on Sky Sports…


We need a yellow for Grealish tonight - he’s on 4 and Villa aren’t up to 19 games yet.

Then any of KWP, Vestergaard, Romeu back would help a lot.

BTW, predictive text turns Grealish into Freakish. Just sayin’.


Is it just me who finds his constant hand through his hair fuckwittery annoying? Do I get uptight about things that should matter not, or am I right in thinking he is a twat?

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He would be a twat even without hair



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Grealish is both a twat and a very talented player. Problem now is that Villa have pace in attack so how do we set up our team to bolster our defence?

The fact that we are in 11th position should remind us of our limitations. We have frequently seen posts bemoaning our lack of a good defence. We have been fortunate to play teams when they have had an off day. Liverpool for example had enough chances to beat us with ease and if honest there has been a few occasions where we got away with a result.

Right now our frontline is not firing which adds pressure to our defence. For me if Romeu is fit he plays. As should Diallo and JWP.I have seen Diallo and JWP sprint back to win tackles in defence or simply to block a shot. Romeu has less pace but has been excellent as a driving force in the heart of our team. The three of them should play together and be the heartbeat of our team. Especially with the skills that Diallo has to open up defences. Redmond on the left as well as he can help with his pace both in attack and defence.

We need to be able to stop Villa before they reach our backline and to do so need our strongest possible midfield. Then we may be able to pose a bigger threat and make the chances for Ings and Adams.

Who would you drop from midfield, Armstrong? Not sure that works.

Would also mean movement away from 4-2-2-2 unless the suggestion is Diallo as a number 10 (which Ralph suggested he could play).

I highly doubt Ralph would change system. It took long enough to get where we are with it!


The only selection issue is Walcott or Redmond.
Theo is off the pace, needs a breather. Ings needs game time to get his sharpness back.
Che could also use a rest and tbh so could JWP.
Not sure Romeu would start tbh either.

KWP?? Bednarek Stephen’s Bertie
Stuey JWP Diallo Theo
Che Ings

Because that’s what we have. Give Romeu 30 minutes

KWP still out

Arse biscuits…

Poll added to the OP

Maybe Diallo at FB?

Bertie back, Stephens (shudder) at RB?

Is Romeu back? if so him and Diallo in midfield with JW-P at RB?

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Yeah and hopefully JWP can do a job on Grealish in the same way that he has done against Zaha…

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You’re coming across as very much a ‘glass quarter empty’ when it comes to Saints Phillip, may I point out to you that Villa are also on that list? :lou_wink_2:

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I don’t like losing JWP from midfield, but this may be the best option. I’d be terrified with Valery vs Grealish.