Southampton - Past in pictures - places & people

Southampton - Past in pictures - places & people


You were correct, Goat.

I’ve walked down from the High Street to catch the Isle of Wight ferry countless times; but, until today, I don’t think I’ve ever really noticed that back-street. Weird.

Anyway, as you say, it hasn’t changed that much in the last 125 years.


Is that Pap waddling down to the Platform in the pic?


Hey Phil, from a distance, the person waddling pass the Platform appears to be a woman.

I don’t know whether that rules out Pap

… or whether you’ve been spending too long on that oil rig again? :lou_lol:


Pap gets that a lot, Halo.

I’d hate to be mistaken for a woman which is why I chose to remove most of my own hair.


Who was it who chose to remove the rest, Bletch? :lou_sad:


Any port in a storm Halo you must remember that :laughing:


Btw, page 1 popped up when I opened this thread this morning.

The short chap with the steely gaze and interesting tee-shirt looks familiar, but I just can’t place him.


He’s standing next to you.


Haven’t trawled my way through all of the pages on this thread,but if my memory hasn’t failed me then the record shop was Subway Records. Apologies if someone had already confirmed.

Spent a fair bit of pocket money there as a nipper. Way better than HMV.


bollocks and then I read down a couple of posts only to find Subway Records mentioned



OH HELL! More time to waste online,

The National Library of Scotland have just released a fresh set of 25" to the mile OS maps of selected cities and probably many rural areas from 1842-1952. This is a sample of the Southampton coverage which is complete…the edition from 1910.

This is the general index map to select the area you’re interested in:,0

I need some more time to explore the site but it looks like the best online source for historical mapping. :lou_lol:


Brilliant find LITSL - looks good. Don’t think your time online will be wasted.


I love going back through this thread, but will not be adding any more pictures to it, but pretty proud of the work that has been done. Fun times!

I have far to much promoting my business, cycling and studying to do now.


If you click in the grid box that contains the location you’re looking for it will provide you with a selection of the same area through the different editions on the right of the screen…e.g.1850, 1889, 1909, 1935 etc…you can trace how the area has developed. Click on the one you want to view and you can zoom in a view in detail. You can even download the map as a .pdf and print it off on your printer.

Brilliant. :lou_lol:


Oh my goodness, this is a dream for me. Love it. I will spend far to much time looking at this now. Map porn! :lou_wink_2:


Here a link to their usage video…


Bit of cheat, but I don’t care.

The last voyage on the RMS Aquitania.

The fella playing the trumpet is my great grandfather and unionhotel’s grandad. Just how did we end up so dinky? :lou_wink_2:


Cos your great grandma was left to her own devices for long periods of time?


Brilliant watch this! A true gem! The year I was born!


I was driving around Southampton in this…