Southampton FC v the Mighty Eagles - 5th April 2017

Hmm, Southampton welcome a bouyant Crystal Palace to Saint Marys this coming Wednesday. The Eagles will be soaring after their recent demolition of Chelsea at home.

Despite being derided BFS seems to have turned them around and whilst they are not safe they look like they have the tools to stay in the division.

Will Sakho also have a point to prove, were we ever after him anyway?

I’m feeling pessimistic about this one and am going for a 0-1 capitualtion.


I sure ain’t staying up til 1am for this let alone going to the pub.

Unless Gabba is fit of course

Think if we play direct and get our muscly, pacy forwards man-to-man vs their weak centre backs, this could turn into a v.comfortable evening for us. Said Sam fkn Allarface.

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Its only on delayed play here so should be on about 09:00 on thursday moring for me

So who ever is doing the updates please make them jolly intresting with lots of goals for the home team.


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Apologies in advance for the doom and gloom to follow.

I am not feeling confident ahead of this one. Big Sam tends to do a job against us. Equally, Gabbiadini’s injury doesn’t sound good and from what Claude is saying he could easily miss the next 3 games. Without Gabbiadini we can’t score and without VVD we are ropey at best at the back. The fact that we kept a clean sheet on Saturday doesn’t tell the full story. They hit the post a couple of times, Afobe missed a sitter and that penalty, whilst aboslutely woeful, if on target, was in because Fraser committed early as usual - dived bottom left, Arter went top right.

But it is another big game. Bearing in mind of our 10 remaining games we still have to play Chelsea (A), Manc City (H), Man Utd (H), Arsenal (H), Liverpool (A) - all of which we could conceivably lose, then these games become even more important.

Then we have games against those properly in the dog fight - Hull (H) and Middlesbrough (A).

We just need to limp over the line to 40 points and then look forward to next season. Two wins doesnt sound like a lot on the face of it but then again…


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Can we get back to discussing the football and not blowing @simon-says off please.

Well blowing off @simon-says is going to be a lot more fun than the match tbf @btripz

I can feel it in my water



Saints win in a scrappy game 1-0 or 2-1.

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Soviet Bob starts the job after a rigged election as he appears to have won and is taking charge :lou_lol:

Yes lets talk about the football

We will win this by three clear goals

All these pre-pre-season friendlies have somewhat lost my interest. Can we just get on with selling Forster, Cedric, Bertrand, Tadic, Rodrigues and Van Dyk, get their replacements sorted and knuckle down to training ready for our assault on the top four for 2017-2018 season please? (I hope this doesn’t come back to bite me in the next few months…).


I dont know why I bother looking at Lawro’s prediction

again no home win for Saints

Southampton v Crystal Palace

Palace rode their luck at times in their win over leaders Chelsea on Saturday but they defended the way you would expect a Sam Allardyce side to defend, which is by putting their bodies on the line.

Allardyce has got plenty of players who pose a threat at the other end too, so I am not surprised their results have picked up - he has got people like Wilfried Zaha going.

I think Palace’s unbeaten run will continue when they go to St Mary’s but they might have to settle for a point.

I am never quite sure what to expect from Southampton, and if Manolo Gabbiadini is still injured then he is a big miss up front, but they are capable of digging in to get something out of this game if they have to.

Lawro’s prediction: 1-1

Goldie’s prediction: Palace have had a big turnaround under Sam Allardyce and got that great win at Chelsea on Saturday. Southampton are very unpredictable, but they might be the ones to surprise people this time. 2-1

How far wrong is his table


Wimping out again!!

I’ll be breaking the speed limit to get to Barasti in time for KO after finishing work at 2200. First time I’ll be in there and not working early doors next day and be able to have a beer since Januaary FFS… can’t turn that down!!

Reasonable turn out (7) on Saturday considering how many regulars out of the country. Not expecting too many on Wed though … but it will be Quality over Quantity :slight_smile:

Looking forward to a #WIN

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