Southampton FC V Augsburg Friendly

Well will he or wont he play a part in this first home friendly of the preseason VVD?

What type of reception will MP get ?

Will anybody actually turn up?

Is it on the Telly?

These questions and more will be answered after the next episode of Saints the saga goes on.

He won’t turn up

Well be in bed by the time it’s on telly

Could be worse could be at the ground waiting for Pulis & Forecast to come on as subs

Completely forgot about this one - or more likely blanked it out of my memory…

I predict VVD won’t turn up …

Fingers crossed it’ll be an improvement on the last couple of games…couldn’t be any worse could it?

Im looking forward to this and hope it will be streamed. does anyone know.? After st etienne second half plus a first choice CB 6.4 ft tall Im talking myself into a hopefull season.

Just need a rich new owner, a fortress St Marys, beat top six clubs and spank Everton

Have tickets, but feeling more and more despondant the more it rains - beginning to tell myself that this is the free match so it doesnt matter if I miss it

Hope there’s a stream as I may be back from snorkelling/tapas/cocktails in time :lou_wink_2:

You’re snorkelling in a stream! …not the adventureous sort I can see. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

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Bog snorkling is one of our national sports



enough already - time to stop raining now

Live on the club website and the club FB Channel. 0 - 0 23 minute.

0 - 1 35minute…Forster beaten from 25 yards by a good shot,

Forster beaten by a header from a cross.


0 - 2 38 minutes. Forster beaten by well placed header.

39 mins gone Southampton 0 -2 Augburg

No idea who scored or what the goal was like

Redmond cuts inside and hits the bar. Great strike. 44min.

Is this the story of the night?

Forster beaten, little fight

Is this the rot that we will see

The legacy of rather nasty VD?

Kit looks good mind

HT: 0 - 2 Redmond hit the bar from 25 yards 44 minutes.

Kit man - lost the will to live… :lou_surprised:

Sounds like we may need a solid defence to protect Forster this season…