Southampton FC ("Kings of the South") vs. Manchester's 2nd Team

Fuck it, I’ll start it. As I said…


What do you think?


It is always a possibility that I hope is correct

Has anybody said who we are playing’’ yet?

I’ll be happy with a draw and very surprised at a win. I’ve got no idea who will play, who I want to play or whether we should change formation.

My bones aren’t feeling too much.

0-0 or 0-1

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I don’t actually know

My balls correctly predicted us getting smashed at home by Watford. I dunno what they thought about Palace, cos they was on holiday. I will ask them about this game later tho + let you all know.

Lay off of the little blue pills beforehand(job) though!!

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I’ll be at the match, in the Chapel end, we’re going to get ripped a new one.

0-4 I say…


If we can stop them scoring a hatful, I’ll be pleased.

Oh Bob…come on, I don’t want to be the only one in The Chapel who thinks we’re going to win. Hope you’ll be with me making lots of noise with your “Clapper”. :lou_lol:

I should be arriving at the Villa in Hikkaduwa as the final whistle is blown. The ice cold beer that will be presented to me as i walk into the house shall numb any pain of the arse reaming that we will be handed.

I might not leave it to chance and pre load on the plane


At the Watford farce I was using the clapper to smash my forehead in frustration…

I prefer it if my threads can remain as positive as possible please.

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I wasn’t going to post on this thread because @cellone didn’t start it, and then I thought to myself, he’s shy, he’s new, he’ll soon be up to speed. Plus @themightyostrich needs upvote and thread starting points to climb the leaderboards!!

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Fuck all wrong with blind optimism.

I’ll start one once I find my feet and stop making shameful social errors.

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Can’t see it myself…


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Im in for 2 - 1 Saints


Positivity @newyorksaint ??