Southampton fail in loan bid to re-sign Arsenal's Calum Chambers

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Southampton fail in loan bid to re-sign Arsenal’s Calum Chambers

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Arsene Wenger has knocked back Southampton’s move to re-sign Calum Chambers on loan.

England under-21 defender Chambers has been a target for several Premier League clubs - including Southampton - who want him on a season-long loan.

Chambers moved from Southampton to Arsenal for £16m last summer and enjoyed an impressive first half of the season.

But Chambers fell down the pecking order since the turn of the year but Gunners boss Wenger has told all interested clubs to forget about a loan.

Chambers, 20, is now regarded as one of the centre backs in the squad who can also fill in at right back and midfield.

Wouldn’t have thought this would have been the Southampton way.

I wonder if there’s anything in it?

I can see the logic behind it. We still need a bit of cover if Martina is destined to fill in at centre back. Could have worked out for both clubs. Bit of a shame for the player if he doesn’t play this season, but that’s the risk you take when you leave the Saints.

I see the logic, papster, it’s just that bringing a Berty big bollocks back into the camp, who turned his back on us first chance he had, would surely impact the feeling in the squad.

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That’s a fair-ish point. One would think that the club had assessed that risk up-front though.

Yep… If it’s true.

This story appeared a week or so ago. A cheap cover option but he seems to have gone backwards at Arsenal and would rather stay and win his place than go and get more experience, so more fool him because he is falling back in the pecking order there and will probably end up at WBA next year.

This series of articles suggest that it’s Wenger that refused the move and not Chambers, sadoldgit.

I feel that he’s in danger of falling between two stools - not big/assured/experienced enough for a CB and not quick enough for a right back. He should go somewhere on loan where he can perfect one of those positions.

Chambers coming back makes sense for us but not for Chambers or Arsenal. He would not be guaranteed playing time here since we would clearly still want to sign a first team CB and he would be second or third in line for RB. Loaning him might make sense for Arsenal, but only to a club that would start him.

Nope, makes not one iota of sense to me, might as well sign Liverpool Flop Rickie Lambert…

Beyond the fact he plays for Arsenal, is there any evidence he has been Berty big bollocks, or that he instigated the move? I get the impression all the young guns are still mates…

Not that I can see the value having him back.

I don’t trouble myself with piffling matters such as evidence when I make an unfounded generalisation, Lou.

I was inferring that anyone who express[es] a desire to leave St. Marys after 25 appearances, might be seen as a Berty Big Bollocks were he to come back.

Les Reed, from the linked article…

Calum made it clear to us that he did not see his future at Southampton. As such, it was crucial that we were able to negotiate a substantial fee that also reflects the work our staff have put into Calum’s development since he joined the club at the age of eight."


Stop making me not like our ex players! It makes me sad! <insert Bearsy’s soon to be designed very sad face>


Apparently Wenger is saying that we havent approached Arsenal about a loan?

I wonder, then, if this is Callum’s agent trying to make things happen…

Come back Callum all is forgiven. He may’ve been humbled by his recent omissions from the arsenal team.

There’s an article here reckoning Arsenal were wrong to block the move:-,81580.html

If indeed there was a move to block. Wenger seems to be saying we havent been in for him?