Southampton emerge as late contenders to sign Real's Illarramendi

A new one on me.

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Southampton emerge as late contenders to sign Real’s Illarramendi

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Would seem a pretty odd one. Are we going to do an Arsenal and stock pile CMs?

…Or does it mean that Big Vic is indeed off?

If we are interested, contingency for Wanyama seems a likely explanation, especially given the reports over the weekend. Could be that they’ve had a couple of unfruitful days of discussion. We shall see.

Could simply be that a really talented player has become available and the club want to pounce, regardless of who else we have at the club. Fits our profile - sign on the relative cheap, proves his value and why he was at Real in the first place, gets sold for oodles of cash!

Looks a really good player from that highlights clip, and wouldn’t do our passing game any harm, the state it’s in at the moment.

(BTW would compilers please stop letterboxing? It’s really annoying.)

Yeah I read that earlier and want convinced given the lack of definitive quite from someone, the Mail seemed to be making it up to maybe make another team’s mind up!!!

Off to Real Sociedad on Loan according to this official Real Madrid communction.