🛫 🗺 Sotonian's Virtual Summer Holidays 🛬

Just sat here at an empty Gatwick departure lounge awaiting the call to make the three mile trek to the most distant gate and board our Banana Republic Airways flight to Antigua.

Lady Slowlane has ordered a donkey and cart to take us to Gate 308…

Just a short ride from the airport to Jolly Beach Resort…

Anyone else got plans this summer. :lou_lol:


Porto in Sept (no chance)
Bermuda in October (some chance)
Australia mk2 in December - If this doesn’t happen I shall be fucked off
Japan skiing January - if this doesn’t happen I am getting off the world

This is my current at risk list

Bermuda my plan was to rent a bike, cycle to the scuba centre (12km) dive during the morning, cycle back, have lunch and then golf in the afternoon with a few rum swizzles to wash it all down

When do you find time to work?


Glad to see you’ve all pre-booked Uncle Phil’s mountain GOAT tours this autumn.

Just had my car serviced this afternoon and it was “Sanitised” before the service and “Sanitised” again before being handed back.

Can we be assured you will personally be “Sanitised” and will we need to be “Sanitised” before availing ourselves of your “Mountain Goat”…sorry your “Mountain Goat Tours”?

In a land where you can buy 95% by volume Vodka cheaper than hand sanitizer I can assure you it will be all drunk sorry used to scrub down before we drive off

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Good…when Ladyslowlane is no longer being “shielded” we will take a sanitary flight to sample the delights of Polski…I like the scenic views it offers. :lou_lol:

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Seriously, you should all start playing World of Warcraft.

I’ve reopened my account. I don’t do any game progression. I just go to the pub.

Mine has today been “sanitised” to the tune of £800. I’m now drinking to forget.



Tahiti 3rd July-3rd August cancelled.
Barcelona 3rd October- 6th October booked. It was cheap. Fuck it.
Skiing La Plagne 12th-20th Feb booked.
Hopefully re-schedule Tahiti for April then squeeze in a week away somewhere in the summer.
Plus festival in August.

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I shall be vacationing in my back garden in West Derby, on the Merseyside Riviera.
It’s like Monte Carlo up here when the sun comes out.

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It was awesome until the festival

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I have been told I will be relocating from Malaysia to Equatorial Guinea this summer. Even if I cannot get home to see the wife and kids between jobs.

Who did you fuck off in HQ?

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Gotta keep the littl’un happy. Usually some bunch of weirdos I want to see too.
This one:

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  • Mexico in April - Cancelled
  • Budapest for Grand Prix next month - Cancelled
  • Was going to go somewhere in the Summer but was booking late - Cancelled

What’s the fucking point anymore?

You know, festivals do cater for you.

I think camping is the best part of a festival, so it’s not for me, but there are plenty of posh options.

Might have to drop the balloon ride from the GOAT Tour.
And in the village 9kms away? Nothing 32C Sun all day

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Wow a total no tweet post