Sotonians Twitter Team

Sotonians Twitter Team


After much enthusiasm to begin with. the Sotonians Twitter feed isn’t producing as much content as it should. In our super secret pub meetings, I thought it would be a good idea to hand responsibility to @goatboy , who has been duly accorded with the role.

However, in the process of doing so, we found out that we can actually have several members manage the Sotonians Twitter account.

Given the fact that the boy Goat might have been a bit miffed at sharing ultimate Twitter power after just getting it, I enquired as to whether he’d mind us including more Sotonians Twitter folk in this lark. He does not.

Who fancies having a go at this Sotonians Twitter lark? Who deserves it?


That bloke with the white van and cable ties in the back may have time and wit for something like that.


So, what’s this Twitter then, what does it do?

I think it best I don’t volunteer…


If you can get Matty in the team, you’re in.

I hope you were whoring us out during his Barasti visit.


Would have done but bloody Eric wouldn’t stop licking his bits and buying Malibu & Coles.

Couldn’t even get a golf story in ffs


PS I would volunteer but life and available time may change Bearsy style in next couple of weeks. I will either have a lot or none so may not be as reliable as Goatie