Sotonians' Ticket Exchange

Sotonians' Ticket Exchange


In direct competition to the Southampton FC ticket exchange and to make sure that money, for people who have Season tickets and can’t go to the match, goes to a fellow Sotonian.

If you have a spare ST, post it here.

If you’re desperate and begging for a spare ST, post it here.

The site owners (and soviet) accept no responsibility for fecked up transactions, Caveat Emptor


So, anyone got a Spare for Sunday v the Bin Dippers, before I give my hard earned to someone I don’t know?


So all that preamble was just to hide the fact that you fvcked up and forgot to order a ticket?


And, as a member of the Soviet, I was thinking of my fellow Sotonians :lou_lol:


OK…so does anyone, (apart from Bob) want a spare ST for the Bin Dippers game on Sunday?

Glad we got that sorted out. :lou_lol:


You’re grumpy this morning @lifeintheslowlane , downvote me in the old match thread and then be nasty to me on this one?

Did you not have your morning cup of tea?


I am going to the Liverpool match, @btripz . I’ll tell you what it was like courtesy of @so5-4bw .



Not too hot on irony this morning Bob?

I’m never grumpy, never.

Just occasionally chicken-strangling, shit-kicking, stark staring MAD! :lou_lol:


I’m going too, courtesy of my own pocket…

One of you could have been £40 odd better off but, no, my money had to go to a random stranger who I’ll never meet.


Glory hole?


Thought the going rate was 50p, I’m sure Fatso said that at some point.


I think the 50p is the going rate when it’s Fatso’s member in the hole…


I really like this thread but it needs a small addition.

If you lend your season ticket to one of life’s losers like @btripz , you have the right to insist on a number of conditions.

For example, my benefactor @so5-4bw has stipulated that in order to use his ticket I must:

Shout abuse for me at VVD and Lallana please.

Whereas @btripz 's sponsor insisted that Bob should:

Take it. Take it all you dirty bitch you know you want it.

And he made Bob pay £40 for the pleasure.

Good negotiation Bob.


Hey @saintbletch I got you down from £80, what’s the problem?


Yeah but I didn’t do it for the money. I’m no BTripz.





A wifi connection to an airplane works.

If some stars can align.

IF I can find digs.

Then Maybe I might be wondering whether there are any people out there who may know of the availability of a ticket for Sunday…

But of course only asking for a friend

And nothing will be confirmed for at least another 6 or 7 hours…

But it would be nice to recreate my runner from the Rockstone moment


Do you have a membership? Ticket Exchange is open if you do!!


Yes I am member and An option IF stars align “in time”