:sotonians: Sotonians : The Next Five Years

So, the site turned five last month. I’m not going to engage in a back-slapping exercise here, because we all know why we visit.

Having said that, everything can be improved, and I recall that one of the most exciting times of the sites existence was the haul of new users accompanied with the arrival of a certain @Jack-Schitt.

These days, we’re very well attended by a small cohort of people. As @Tokyo-Saint says, a glorified WhatsApp group. I’m cool with that. Sotonians is as much for me about having somewhere to record my thoughts and hang out with likeminded people.

Is that enough? I’d like this place to be kicking around in some form in 20 years. We’re going to lose people along the way and in truth, we haven’t really done any online marketing shit for a few years, at least not consistently.

What should the next five years of Sotonians entail?

Well, we haven’t been the same since Bazza caused our Matchday threads to be banned 3 months ago. That could be a start.

We need more negativity. We need more site owners having bad days and attacking everyone.

We need itks.

And we need free beer & curry nights and a European Tour & World Peace, and an end to Global Warming.


I was thinking at the very least, I could get the memes going again once there’s something to fucking meme about.

Any ST holders fancy doing a bit of phone video on the day? I don’t mind editing it or posting it directly.

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The next step is so fucking obvious that I’m amazed you haven’t even mentioned it in passing. :thinking:

A political party, of course. We need to stand collectively for office and get this poxy country sorted out pronto. :+1::+1:

I’ll be treasurer.

Oh yes we need Vloggers!
Who knows we could get an Instagram account for our best stolen pics & become influencers and like become rich

We need a thread then a poll for our mission statement.

chat shit drink

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Run another soviet election thing, that went amazingly.


Soviets are so 2 years ago, autocracies are the next big thing.


Luckily we are ahead of the curve on that. :slight_smile:

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I remember finding out that I was up for election to a post I knew nothing about whilst on a journey to Cornwall. Amazing times.


I plan to flounce off and rejoin another 5-10 times over that period of time…


What the fuck will I be called? who knows/cares/fucks given?


I have faith that by that time, you will be confident enough to use your own name.

Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson.

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Bit of nostalgia…


Even picked a cracking & appropriate tune.
Top effort that.

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