Sotonians Soviets Results

Sotonians Soviets Results


Today was the first time all four site owners have met up since the Soviet Elections were announced. Now ratified, I am pleased to announce that the four Soviets, voted for by popular acclaim, are :-

Bearsy 19 net votes
Tokyo-Saint 18 net votes
BTripz 16 net votes
Fowllyd 15 net votes

Congratulations to all. May you serve in these roles with pride. Apologies for the delay, but it seems fitting that we’re finally wrapping this up on the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution.

Commisserations to intiniki and Fatso, just behind the Bear and Tokyo storm on 14 and 13 net votes respectively. Learn to win the rust belt states next time!


The inmates are in charge of the asylum :lou_lol:


Trotsky ended up getting an ice pick in the head.


Could you not have fitted in ‘undisputable’ ‘ultimate’ ‘undeniable’ (or similar) at the beginning of the title? It’s not too late :lou_smiley:


‘unfortunate’ ‘unsuitable’ also would be acceptable :lou_wink_2:


Is that a veiled threat to the comrades on the Soviet then Stalin?



@bearsy @fowllyd @tokyo-saint @btripz

Whats the 5 year plan?

Are we all to be given quota’s of thread to start and comments to make.?

Who is first up against the wall ?

Are the gulags air conditioned?


They have banned the burkha already


I was gonna go all in & start a match day thread.

Seeing the new management I’m just gonna go hide & delete my online persona


Holy shit, I was not expecting this on a Monday morning! The mysterious Soviet election, finally resolved. Good luck to all the winners, especially me, I mean Tokyo-Saint.


tks to all the Bros what voted on me. Fk you to all the bros what didn’t vote on me! I have made note of ur Names.

Few orders of business pls @pap :

  1. How do I access the Secret & Exclusive Champagne Room for High Level Discussions + Boobs?

b) What sort of budget do we have to work to? I have already racked up some quite big expenses at the weekend. Do you need VAT invoices? Not all of the girls was VAT register.

IV) I tried to ban a few bros this morning but they’re still here! Pls advise!


To help you, I have added some hints above 0- this first advices is freebies - after that its £5 a line

(I cant remember if I voted or if I did if I voted for you or not - probably as you is a bear and probably too busy shitting the woods or somthing to take sovet seriously)


I voted for you Bear, I voted for you loads of times. You’re great, Bear, so great. If I could have voted for you more I would have. I only have eyes for you, Bear, dear Bear.

Anyway, on an unrelated note, what’s this Champagne Room?


The Champagne Room was the main pledge of my election manifesto! It is a roped off exclusive section of the forum, a land of milk & honey, where me and tokyos can lay back feeding each other grapes & acid, exchanging pictures of Hot Birds & Sealife in Compromising Positions, attended to by a bevy of strippers & lapdancers. A safe space for perverts, where we can discuss high level matters, like who needs banning, and who needs a satirical nickname. Important Soviet Supremors, like me and tokyos, need to be able to test boundaries of sense and decency, without risk of prying eyes & prosecution.

And all the time, BTripz (who has already been voted out the quorum at inagural meeting) will be locked outside, nose pressed to window, tears streaming down his stupid face!


The only thing I can tell you is that the role is far less interesting than you seem to think it is. It never carried mod privileges. You’ll have input on future decisions.


:lou_sad: Do I at least get some kind of special hat?


Yes. We call him Soviet Tokyo around here.


Full formal uniform and ceremonial ak should also be provided.

![]( digital by_mairoutv-d8hux5y.jpg)


Didn’t even know that there was an election. Must pay more attention.


Is Soggy going to start a ‘Soviet Ramifications’ thread or what?