Sotonians MVP - 7th July 2018 - 14th July 2018

Right, here’s what might become a semi-regular* fixture.

If you navigate to the Users pages…Hamburger Menu (three horizontal lines in top right), Users. You will be able to see the league table of users for that week, month, year.

We will start recognising most likes received (and other categories depending on whether I’m doing well in them).

Badges will be awarded too. Probably.

So with only a few hours to go until the St Swithun’s Day I am a few likes ahead of 'slowlane.

There’s absolutely no way he can realstically catch someone as popular as me**.

I’ll update the second and third places later.

* Bletch pronounces that “semm eye”
** Bletch has literally no idea what the Sotonians membership might do to try to fix the vote for @lifeintheslowlane.

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Current standings…

Nope. Not seeing it.

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Ignore me

I fall on the mercy of the proletariat.

It is of little consequence to me who “wins”. The more observant of you will see I have “liked” Belch’s challenge so I in effect occupy the moral high ground by dint of the one selfless vote.

Judge that as you see fit…Belch thinks I have no chance of overturning his challenge…let the people speak.


Where are the downvotes when you need them eh?


Yay I’m winning the most bored poster with the most replies.
#47C outside