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I know we’ve only been going a year, and I know we’ve discussed putting something together collectively that sits apart from the site. In the early days, I think Sfcsim talked fanzines, I was thinking about podcasts. I think people were a little put off by the ongoing effort that might be required. That’s fair enough; I go through stages where I’m not producing much in the way of memes.

That said, if Nick and pals can get video for the likes of the UI, then we should be able to do similar. While I do think a podcast or something similar would be a hell of an ask at this stage, I reckon we can do a few things to improve our multimedia offering.

Anyone got any thoughts / time / expertise?

Sotonians Porn.


Wank cam.

Pre-match drinks live feed. Post-match drinks & OAP day out in the community live feed.


An office style doc once a week.


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Sotonians Porn.

I’ve tried, mate.

I walk around the drinks meetups with my flies undone. No takers.


The only problem with that is that some of our members aren’t the brazen exhibitionists others are.

You put Phil off his cocktail sausage baguette and he refused to pay.


'spose they do look a little rude…

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A golf blog would be good

Phil, I didn’t vote you down, but seriously, no.


I’d love to read a regular, rreverent look at the goings on in the club.

Caricature the owners, players and staff - a bit like Bear did with ‘Big Kat Diaries’ only funny, and without the world’s funniest Pelle joke.

There’s a lot of effort in it and humour is very subjective.

And I’m not volunteering.

As you were.