🕯 Sotonian's Love & Fellowship Birthday Thread

:candle: Sotonian's Love & Fellowship Birthday Thread



It’s my birthday :lou_smiley: I have reached the ripe old bilogical age of 38, maturity age yet to be determined, likely early to mid teens but possibly still in single digits. I have emailed Claude also to tell him of this special day, and he says they will get 3 points on Saturday as a belated present.


Happy birthday @gavstar

Thanks for bringing the average age of the membership down to something not too embarrassing



I do what I can :lou_wink_2:


Ah, so @gavstar and I are birthday twins as well as potential patsies in @sfcsim 's matchday murder scheme?

Happy birthday, Gav. You’re not a bad Itchen North wingman and/or co-defendant.

EDIT: I’m rather older :slight_smile:


It’s your birthday too? happy birthday :lou_lol: I would buy you a birthday beer on saturday but I see that you are going to the game sober, shame :lou_wink_2:


I’ve been sorted in advance. New place got me a bottle of Kraken and I’ve only been there three months.

Utterly shite day in many respects, but improving rapidly. Cheers mate.


Happy birthday to you both! See you on Saturday no doubt…


Happy Birthday @Goatboy aka The White Van Ripper.

Shit day to have a birthday, so I’ve been told by someone else whose birthday is also today.

Have a good one


I thought it time to resurrect this much overlooked kindly thread started many years ago by some benighted fool.

Yep just in time to wish the genus Capra a very happy birthday. Get smashed Matt, it’s your sworn Sotonian duty. :lou_lol:


Great minds and all that…


I shall do my very best.