Sotonians Bookies 2017/2018

Sotonians Bookies 2017/2018


Come on then what are the predictions v the big bad bookies this year then?

my first accy of the new season

Arsenal V Leicester City home

Watford V Liverpool away
Chelsea V Burnley home
Everton V Stoke City home
Southampton V Swansea City home

Manchester United V West Ham United home

and to break as many taboo’s as possible I have Saints in an accumulator to win.


1st winner of the season, put a tenner on over 1.5 goals in first half of arse/leics at 13/10, paid out after 5 minutes :lou_lol:


Well the first leg came in just :lou_lol:


another cheeky £85 pocketed from a £5 treble last night, who would have thought I knew so much about footer in Trinidad? So £98 up and barely 24 hours into the new season. my acca for today;

Wat-Liv - Draw

Palace - Win

Eve-Sto - Draw

Sot-Swa - Draw

WBA-Bou - Draw

Fiver at just under 350/1 would pay out £1740 but playing for a half decent cashout on this one :lou_smiley:


liverpool will fuck you over :lou_wink_2:


We shall see in the next 2 hours mush :lou_lol:


This is not looking good but if the bin dippers lose who am I to cry about it?


Well you did call it @gavstar


I never ever bet in the first few weeks of the football season and never ‘bankers’ on the opening day! Oh and never Saints :smirk:


Mrs C_S had a fiver on us winning (2:1 btw) but laid it off on another site on a draw apparently

Still have no idea what the fuck she’s doing but she’s quids in…


Was calling it more in the hope that liverpool would have a shit result than you losing out mate :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Gonna try a £10 to £500 challenge, starting with a tenner on a single bet, odds less than evens, probably have to win about 8 in a row to get to £5oo. Starting with Everton to be winning at half time tonight at 4/5, if it comes in I’ll have £18 to put on my next bet… could be a fun ride or a very damp squid.


Just had a look at the odds for England to win in the cricket and not worth putting anything on at the moment.


It’s working! Stage 1 done :lou_smiley:

Next bet, over 0.5 goals in the first half of B’mouth/Watford and Leics/Brighton this Saturday (I know I said single bets but I’m getting carried away with my unprecedented success so far), £18 at 9/10 should return £34.20…


Well this weekend I have the following

Swansea City 0 - 0 Manchester United away win
Leicester City ? - ? Brighton & Hove Albion home win
Liverpool ? - ? Crystal Palace home win
Southampton ? - ? West Ham United home win

and one from the 2nd division

Ipswich ? - ? Brentford home win


Man Utd, Leicester, Liverpool, Arsenal and Fulham to win.

£10 pays £127.


My accas for this afternoon;

Bournemouth, Leicester, QPR and Wolves to win, need at least 3 goals in each, fiver returns £603.

Burnley, Leicester, QPR and Sunderland to win, standard acca, fiver returns £115…


QPR to win that is your coupon buster


At least it won’t be a surprise, my bankers are usually my coupon busters :lou_wink_2:


I think your subconscious was trying to tell you something.

How is the game going, any goals?