Sotonian members who are no longer with us

Sotonian members who are no longer with us


It is with a heavy heart that I create a thread for members that have either asked for their sotonians’ account to be deleted, or who have had their sotonians account deleted.

When pap created papsweb and asked me to be a moderator, we agreed that everything we did from a moderation perspective would be as open as transparent as possible - hence the edited threads thread, members we never knew thread, etc.

We were fed up of other places banning people, not explaining that they’d been banned, not explaining why, etc. So this thread will be used for that purpose.


Ex-Trader, has asked for his account to be deleted. I have now done this.


So who’s gone? You’ve started a thread about those who are longer with us but then don’t name any of them. You can’t be transparent simply by saying you’re being transparent. Name names and say why they’re no longer here.


??? Did he say why?


Given there aren’t currently any ex-members listed, the presence of this thread seems ominous to me. :slight_frown:

I smell a purge in the offing…


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Well he did suggest I was not worthy of respect, so I told him to go fuck himself- maybe I was a little harsh ?


Nah, he was a cock.


Not sure I understand the point of an account deletion that leaves your profile and posts intact. Might as well just not log in unless lacking self control.

Good luck to him though.


I am awaiting my ‘message’ from the Papmonster - I suspect my continued posting is a direct legacy of Glastonbury messing with his head… I feel my time is almost at an end… The children will weep at night. The women will wear black like a Mediterranean mourning- I am expecting at least a year. Bletch will be wearing a black armband on his cock in my honour


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Ex-Trader, has asked for his account to be deleted. I have now done this.

??? Did he say why?

He didn’t like the personal insults he was receiving.

I personally wasn’t too impressed with the way he was treated.

I think tempers were running high and instead of debating his ‘views’, people kicked out.

It wasn’t our finest hour.

After his request to have his account removed I reached out to him a couple of times, but didn’t hear anything back.


It’s a fucking shame.


Sorry Bletch, but he ineffect suggested I was almost sub Human devoid of respect - despite there being a robust exchange of opinion on an emotionally charged day, did not expect this… It drew the ‘go fuck yourself’ because of what was insinuated. If he is now off because of personal insults, that is perhaps a lacking in self awareness.

Avatars seem to reveal quite a bit about folk it seems…


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See I could have handled a sex pest gag, but he had to make it all serious with some sinister 1930s style shit…


three down votes! This country has lost all sense since the brexit.


You’re not going to get banned for this.

_It’s a consequence of freedom of speech. Freedom for the thought you hate. _

I had a lot of time for Ex-Trader. I’m sad to lose him as a contributor, and there’s no way his departure his departure can be described as “for the best”, but at the same time, a thick skin is required around these parts if we’re to maintain that freedom of speech ideal.

If the site were run along traditional lines, you know you’d stand a fair chance of being banned already.

We’re not. We want your unfiltered opinions.

I haven’t banned SWDP when he’s seemingly been researching me, and I haven’t banned Tokes for comparing me to the sex offenders he presumably knows. They say all true knowledge is based on experience.

Why on earth would I ban you with all the other shit I’ve let go?

I haven’t banned anyone. I have no plans to.

The really disappointing thing is that the shoe has been on other foot for you in the other place. Just remember that some of your former foes could join this place at any time.

Please don’t misconstrue this as a threat, just a potential reality.

They’ll get exactly the same protection as you have here.

_It’s a consequence of freedom of speech. Freedom for the thought you hate. _


As much as I am for freedom of speech, I do think posters should be aware of potential defamation statements. For example, I don’t think calling anyone a sex pest is justified unless you know that to be a true fact and are prepared for any consequences of it. At least prefix that sort of statement with “alleged” to cover your asses ( probably a bad choice of words by me…lol)


WTF? Well would be keen to know what has warranted a ban and all the other shit you have let go?.. Ex-trader decided to take umbrage because he refused to acknowledge that no one had called ALL brexiters racists - constantly trying to take the moral high ground that this had happened repeatedly - as a result he insulted me using rather unsavoury terminology. - I merely told him to go fuck himself.

And i stand by that given what he was suggesting.

As to the other place… Jeez, this was not some collective bullying but a disagreement that got nasty with Ex-trader doing his equal best to stoke its fires.

If the SWF collective decide to migrate… Rather topical, that is up to them.

Pap, I don’t get any perverse pleasure from seeing folks leave. But if Ex-trader thinks it is fine to make those suggestions and not get a response then he is either naive or looking for it.

Given the fallout of recent days, is it any surprise that there are plenty who are pretty fucked off with what has transpired as a result of lies and bullshit?


My sex pest comment was meant to be a playful joke. Apologies if it has upset anyone.