⚽ 🚘 Sotonian Away Days 2019/20


First one for me will be Spurs on 28th September.
Anyone up for it?
Any other trips planned?


Yes, i will be going to that and all other London games. Have purchased as season ticket so won’t miss out on the popular away games.
I’m so looking forward to the upcoming season :grin:


Well I’m fooked so far, 17th August (first home game, Liverpool) we’re in London seeing a show that Mrs BTripz wants to see.

28th September is Mrs BTripz’s 50th Birthday party so I won’t be going, which is a shame as I would have liked to experience their new Stadium.

We’re away to Chelsea on Boxing Day when there is NO public transport :lou_facepalm_2:


Yeah, I will be missing that Liverpool game as it clashes with Beautiful Days.


Brighton on August Bank Holiday Weekend?

Who’s up for a “Quadraphenia” reinactment?


Amazon Prime sorts the Boxing Day travel conundrum Bob


I fully expect a coach load of you to Carrotshire for the Carrow Road showdown …

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Sleepover party at @Saint-CD’s :beer: :beers: :face_vomiting:


I bagsie the spare bed / sofa :+1:

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Just putting it out there … no pressure or anything. :beers::see_no_evil:

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