Sotonian Accumulator 5 March Matches

After our disappointing and unlucky start last week, it’s time to have a look at the fixtures for this weekend. Goatboy will select and bet on the best 6 x doubles suggested with half of the winnings (if any) going to a Sotonians Charity . I will pick a single from each double selected with the winnings going to the kitty for the next “ meet up”

My Double is

Oxford to beat Morecambe

Millwall to beat Rochdale


I’ll go for:

Brighton to beat Bolton

Wigan to beat Oldham

Everton to beat WBA

Cheltenham to beat Welling.

Burton to beat Chesterfield (note - Friday 19.45 KO)

Walsall to beat Crewe

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Portsmuff to beat Bristol Rovers.

Only joking.

I fancy Millwall to beat Rochdale. I know it’s away, but they are in good form and Rochdale have lost 3/4.

Crap - sorry dexter, just seen your OP!

Forest to beat Hudderfield maybe worth a punt.

It’s a double this week, so you’ll need another selection Numptyboi.

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Sorry mate, not very good at this, am I?!

I’ll go for Port Vale to beat Fleetwood

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Chelsea to beat Newcastle.

Hull City to beat Blackburn Rovers.

Has to be better than my last weeks predictions.

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Still not much that I would call ‘put your mortgage on that’ betting. Not that I would suggest anyone ever does this, as football is fucked up!

I’ll avoid Bucks Friday night game and my selection will be

Me - Millwall to beat Rochdale
Goatboy – Wigan to beat Oldham
Sfcsim - Cheltenham to beat Welling
Bucks – Walsall to beat Crewe
Numptyboi – Forest to beat Huddersfield
Philippine Saint - Chelsea to beat Newcastle

At 22/1


I will sort the doubles and accumulator when I get home.

Does anybody include Saints in their Accumulators? I tend not to as I look through rose tinted specs!

Not a hope in hell of including Saints in an acccumulator as you could guarantee they would fuck it up every weekend.

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I’ve never included Saints in my accumulator although Miss dexter has and Saints have never let her down. I also never include a team to win that I despise, so last weeks inclusion of both Spurs and Liverpool to win went against the grain.

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No value in doing the individual doubles so I have done an 11 fold on these 12 games.

If all 12 win return will be £3616.

11 from 12 correct should return approx £300ish (I’m not fucking rainman so this is a guess).


Think i will do the same, Goatboy, (obv without Burton)

Looks like only half of these are coming in failed again chaps :lou_angry: