🎶 👨 Songs for players

On Fiverweb someone has started a thread about songs for players that don’t have songs. Whilst most if them are pony and refer to a general hatred of Pompey this is the funniest for Chele…

Che Adams from the the Midlands
But he wears a Scotsman’s hat
When he joined us we all thought
Who the fuck is that?

Then he chipped Man City
From the halfway line
Now he can’t stop scoring
Che’s turned out just fine


Doesn’t make sense. They ran a story on the saints website when he signed. It told us all about him. So I immediately knew who he was.

Think there was a press release too so a bunch of other websites also ran with the story

Also I remember reading the football gossip and doing a bit of research before we bought him.

Also I think Leicester is technically East Midlands.

It has 2 verses which is one to many and the first verse has 4 lines which is 2 2 many how will Saints fans ever remember the words???


Where’s the “we hate Pompey”

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