:windows: So who's upgraded to Windows 11?

When Windows 10 was released I was continually hounded to upgrade from Windows 95 on start up.

This time not a peep.

I have a 4 year old top of the range Dell Laptop. $1500 worth, Tablet mode GForce Video the works.

It is obsolete as it cannot be upgraded.


It all depends on your hardware, if your hardware ain’t compatible it won’t offer you the upgrade.

My current PC, which I built myself, can’t be upgraded as the mobo doesn’t have a TPM (trusted platform module I think) header on it so MS are saying it’s not secure enough for an upgrade. My chip also isn’t supported.

Saying that I have managed to upgrade 2 of my dad’s laptops without an issue.

You can download the PC health check app from here, this will tell you if you can upgrade your current rig or not.

TBH there’s not a lot in Windows 11, just yet, that’s worth upgrading for

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Just tried the health check on my laptop and it fails on two counts

  1. This PC must support Secure Boot.

  2. The processor isn’t currently supported for Windows 11.
    Processor Intel Core i7-6500U CPU@ 2.50GHz

I’ll check my desktop PC tomorrow. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

I’m surprised. I’d have expected you to stick with the vintage model.


Windows 3.1
Novell Netware 5


Not I! I’ve Windows 7 and record music. I laught at your Windows 11!


It appears, after running the compatibility health check on my newish HP Desktop PC I will be. :lou_lol:


You are so screwed 2 different OS at home

No both laptop and and desktop aren’t suitable for update so both continue on Windows 10.
I haven’t run the health check on Lady Slowlane’s laptop yet…she’s busy falsifying the staff’s work visas on Adobe Illustrator.


My laptop prompted me that I could upgrade it to Windows 11 (it’s about eighteen months old, i5 10th generation), so I thought I might as well do so. Upgrade went absolutely fine, everything still works as it should.

No big deal either way to be honest - rather different look and feel (distinctly Mac-like in its treatment of the task bar). No doubt there are plenty of tweaks and so forth behind the scenes that I’m not remotely bothered about - it’s my home laptop and all I want it to do is work properly.


I have upgraded.

Went to taskbar settings. Left aligned taskbar.

Update was therefore useless :smiley:

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…a sinister development. :anguished:


Right so I am noticing a big difference. When not maximised, Windows have rounded corners. This is an absolute win. You could have had someone’s eye out with the corners on those Win10 windows.


I see what you did there. :+1::smile::smile:


'Tis because I’m one of those evil bastards. :crazy_face:


leftyintheslowlane, eh? :smile:

On a tangent, back in the 80s my in-laws were buying a flat in Spain, and I helped them with the paperwork and so on. I couldn’t understand why the insurance kept mentioning the word “sinistre” in one paragraph, so I asked. Turns out that they were covered against “occupation by a sinister.” I thought “fuck me that’s harsh on the old leftys,” but it also means ghost or spirit. That’s right… Spanish home insurance typically covers you against your house becoming haunted. :joy::joy::joy:


Very good - (assume you meant that) :wink:

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Welcome to my world - rather your world as you were here first.

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That’s true…it’s all yours when I’m finished with it. :lou_lol: