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Are references to Chas and Dave, even peripheral ones, actually allowed on here? I know there’s no swear filter, but just assumed that was one of the things considered beyond the pale.

I saw Chas and Dave play The Hobbit.

Not sure who is damned more in that equation.

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…hobbit…hobbit…yakyakyakyak hobbithobbithobbithobbit…yakyak…

And so did I. Well well, we must have been in the same venue at the same time. A few years ago now, early 2000s?

Interesting final. Robertson is usually dead boring to watch, whenever he plays a flair player he disrupts their rhythm by playing painfully slowly. He’s tried that tonight against Higgins, to whom deliberately slow play is meat and drink. Robertson finally realised at 9-4 down that it’s not working, and has switched to fast, aggressive flowing snooker. It’s great to watch, and he’s now level at 9-9.

The decider will be fascinating.

edit, and Robertson duly takes the decider. I enjoyed that match, and really wasn’t expecting to.

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World Champioships on at the moment, and the Class of '92 are still showing they have it.

Mark Williams has just beaten Jackson Page 13-3, whilst Ronnie is 6-2 against Mark Allen after their first session. John Higgins is also in the last 16.

Williams has 10 centuries so far in this tournament and is 33-1 to pick up his 4th World Title, worth a bet I would thunk.

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I saw the first two sessions yesterday, he is in superb form.

I started watching the game between the Thai lad Sangkhaem and Brecel last night, got hooked and crawled into bed at 1-30 am. Was a good game but the best part was listening to Virgo who is clearly back on the sauce again. He was obviously well pissed, made for interesting commentary, very funny.


This never gets old…

“Wheres the cue ball going??”

“…for Christ sake, John…” :joy::joy:


A friend of mine’s old man is a close mate of John Parrott, best men at each others weddings etc, he spent a lot of time going to tournaments with him, in the players lounge etc. He still spends a few days in Sheffield every year. He has some great tales about Virgo and his drinking exploits, real tears of laughter stuff. He had to be carried out of the commentary box mid-frame once, and hastily replaced.

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World Snooker Championship: Pigeon disrupts the snooker at the Crucible -



Footage from over the skies of Sheffield.


Why did I think thats pap as Muttley and Not Baz as Dick Dastardley?

Selby got a real battle on his hands to make the next round, 8-11 down to Yan Bingtao, first to 13 goes through.

87 minute frame won by Yan to take him to the hill, Selby needs to win the last 3 frames to progress.

Selby should have won that frame but missed an easy blue.

Jack Lisowksi


Mike Wazowski

Kyren Wilson on course for a 147 in the final frame of the session and just misses the 3rd last red. Still an excellent evening session for him sees him level with Stuart Bingham,

Meanwhile John Higgins is 11-5 up on Noppon Saengkham (Tha)

Judd Trump 10-6 Anthony McGill
Neil Robertson 7-9 Jack Lisowski

The surprise score so far. I’d love to see Lisowski pull this one off.

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Wilson now 9 - 12 against Bingham. Not a bad match, and made all the more pleasant by the presence of the stunning Desislava Bozhilova…