'slowlane v Bletch (Spain v Morocco) BBC Four 7:00pm

It’s @lifeintheslowlane v @saintbletch

Like a used jonny, this is a dead rubber for Bletch.

But what’s that Bletch, is offering 'slowlane out?

That’s right @lifeintheslowlane, how about a side bet?

Morocco get a draw you give the kids £5, any other result I help the children out?


OK…and if Spain score 3 or more you give the kiddies a fiver. :grin:

Well I was going to pay the fiver if Morocco lose but I’m ok with the 3-0 gearing.

Well we all know you’re going to lose but with you hanging onto hope at 2 - 0 down going into time added on will give a little extra frisson to proceedings. :lou_wink_2:

I had a mate at Uni who thought that all you needed to do to speak Spanish was whack an “O” onto the end of an established word. Thus, it came to be that he spent two weeks in Benidorm going around, propositioning the young Spanish ladies with “Sucko Cocko”, presumably spending much of his holiday getting drinks thrown over him or running away from fleets of enraged macho men on mopeds.

I bet the Spanish players are saying “Morocco are a shocko”.

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Dead Rubber?

If Spain lose to Morocco by 2 goals or more :rofl: and Iran draw with Portugal won’t Iran go through because of a better GD?

The audacity of it…Morocco take the lead and De Gea still hasn’t made a save.

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Hmm do I tune in or go back to bed - free bar at Awards dinner tomorrow. Sod the game

Hoorah!! Spain equalise… 1 - 1

I made the right call

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DE GEA!!! makes his first save in this year’s World Cup. :rofl:

Tadic to Ajax as p/ex for Ziyech?

CR7 fucks the penalty up:smile:wrong thread

This is a good game.
I should be in bed ffs

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I am in bed watching both games :roll_eyes:

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Fuck me…Spain 1 - 2 Morocco

VAR decides Spain have an equaliser… 2 - 2

Well…the ikkle little kiddies get a fiver. Cracking game…shame on you who were watching CR7 in the other game…Morocco deserved to win. Was it Spain taking their foot off the gas or are they a spent force?

Watch this space. :lou_lol:

Debt to society paid in full. :lou_wink_2:


I slept through it in a drunken stupor.

Woke up to find I’d won £5 from the ickle kiddies.

This is my world cup.

This is my victory.

@lifeintheslowlane you sir are a gent.

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