Slovakia V England U21 Euro championship

Slovakia V England U21 Euro championship


Come on then ladies and gent’s

forget the squabbling of the politics or who our new manager will be or who we will sell in the summer.

We have a few people involved in this competition so let’s get behind them and win another tournement this summer.

I am looking for a 0-2 result here.

NB that is an England win.


Gosh Phil, it’s 4 hours 'til KO, ask us nearer the time!!


That is way past my bedtime I will have PC open and fending off mrs whilst trying to F5 the score.


I’m feeling a little shakey with all these people milling around this England U21 game thread. The last one simply involved myself giving a commentary to myself…and the “tumble-weed of disinterest” of course.

Now they’re queuing up hours before I’ve walked the dog…no not a euphamism.


JWP to hit a moving ball into the net would make me happy.

This is the game he completly dominates. Spraying balls left and right. In fact this is the game he turns into our own Stevie G.

The rest will be history

(with a move to Anfield in 2020)


Not much quality from either side up til now…18 minutes.


What are the odds for a shot on goal this half?


…I mean for England. Slovakia take the lead…header from corner 23 minutes.



Half time: Slovakia 1 - 0 England

England tapping into that rich vein of poor form…consistant.


Time to turn it on, definately need to capitalize on some of the better passages of play.


Equaliser Mawson…1 - 1 49minutes


Games opening up now…England need a second…draw not enough.


Just got home, switched the game on and the first thing I see is Redmond FAIL with his final ball to an unmarked striker waiting to tap in :lou_facepalm_2:

… he’s consistant I’ll give him that.




Nice goal Redmond.


Great counter-attacking goal that. Was it Prowsey who played the ball across the park? Hell of a pass!


… I eat my words


See that wasn’t too bad was it?

I mean talking about the game not the actual game.


I had to go out half way through the second half just after Redmond’s goal…good goal to with a great pass from Prowsey to set up the winner.

Onward and upwards. :lou_lol: